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Porn a factor in groping attacks

Here’s more evidence to prove that porn is NOT “just harmless fantasy,” and that it DOES fuel real-life harm to women and girls.

— [Toronto Sun] The abundance of porn on the Internet is one reason why some men turn to sexually groping unsuspecting females in public places, a U.S. cop and researchers say.

After a while, digital fantasy and masturbation is not enough and some perverts want to touch live bodies, experts believe.

“‘If I touch it,’ then the mere fact that they touched it triggers a response in the brain, and they fantasize on it,” Vernon Geberth, a former homicide squad commander with the New York Police Dept., told the New York Times.

Researchers say gropers come from all walks of life.

Assistant professor Scott Bonn, of Drew University in New Jersey, says some deviants strike to carry out a sexual fetish or to satiate “an inappropriate pleasure driven by immature fantasies.”

“They touch and run away,” Bonn told the paper. “They often masturbate after their groping attacks, so the inappropriate touching is a thrill-seeking act. It becomes addictive, so they become serial gropers.”

Experts say a groper’s motivation is different from that of a rapist.

“The rapist is driven by a desire to control, dominate and even sometimes seriously injure a victim, whereas a groper’s motivation is for sexual gratification through inappropriate touching and violating the victim,” he says.




This “groping” problem, that is fueled in large part by Internet pornography (and other pornography), has gotten so bad that in some places, like Japan, that they have to provide separate female-only subway trains to protect women and girls from being groped by men and boys who openly look at pornography on the subway there! Will cities in North America, Europe and elsewhere soon have to do the same? Hopefully not!

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