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Why the new ‘porn norm’ is hurting women

Check out this excellent article on how “The new porn norm is hurting women.”

“In defending their industry, many accuse the ‘‘anti-porn brigade’’ of focusing only on particularly violent examples of pornography. A recent study published in the journal Violence Against Women, however, has analysed the best-selling porn videos to see just how widespread and routine the degradation of women in pornography has become.

The research found that physical aggression was present in 88 per cent of scenes. Of these, there was an average of 12 aggressive acts per scene. In addition, name-calling occurred in about half of all scenes.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the perpetrators of violent acts were most commonly men, while the targets of their violence were nearly always women. In almost every case, women were shown reacting to aggressive acts with pleasure or neutrality, enforcing the idea that women enjoy being dominated or degraded during sex.”

Sadly so true! Thanks for sharing, Anti- violence and Pornography ! Your page is great and all anti-porn people should check it out and like it! 🙂

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/why-the-new-porn-norm-is-hurting-women-20110302-1be54.html#ixzz27V4osXZL





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