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No more pornography at Yakima Valley Libraries

Good news! Concerned parents demanded no more #porn access in their local libraries, and filters got installed! 🙂 Read about their success below and then check out the link below that to learn more, including how you can help with this effort. Thanks!

YAKIMA, Wash.– Its been an ongoing issue for many Yakima Valley Libraries, people going in to use the public computers, only to look at pornography.

It’s something that has both patrons and parents concerned, but a new change could help solve the problem.

Up until Wednesday, people who went in to use the computers at any Yakima Valley Library were able to visit pornographic website’s.

The library’s policy had been in place since the 90’s and gave people the option of using filters or not, but after an incident involving a man last month library Director, Kim Hixson says parents came forward demanding a change.

“Parents were concerned that their children might be exposed to inadvertent viewing or adult content, so they wrote to the trustee’s,” said Hixson.

The library will now use a program to help filter out inappropriate websites for all users.

Hixson says a recent U.S. District Court ruling gave them the ability to be more restrictive, but she does say that although they can keep a watchful eye out on what is viewed, they can’t control what people do when they’re inside the library.



For more info on this topic and to learn how you can accomplish this same success in your own community, please visit the Safe Schools, Safe Libraries Project:



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