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U.S. casino mogul’s award grows to $40 million against ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder

Serial exploiter of women Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild, loses more than $40 million in court. Maybe karma?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – U.S. casino owner Steve Wynn won $20 million in punitive damages for defamation on Tuesday, doubling his total judgment in a lawsuit accusing “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis of slandering him by falsely claiming that Wynn had threatened his life over a gambling debt.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court jury deliberated for about two hours before reaching its decision in the second phase of a defamation trial that capped a protracted, high-stakes legal feud between the two men.

On Monday, following a week-long trial that included testimony from legendary music producer Quincy Jones, the same jury awarded Wynn $20 million in damages for infliction of emotional distress and injury to his reputation.

The jurors also found that Francis had acted with malice, opening the door to additional damages intended as punishment. The $20 million punitive sum was decided after a subsequent round of testimony and arguments presented on Tuesday.

“There have been bigger defamation awards (but) I don’t know that there have been many,” Mitchell Langberg, one of Wynn’s lawyers, said of the $40 million total.





Joe never seems to be able to stay out of trouble or learn from his mistakes, does he? After abusing women and going to prison more than once, Joe continues to create his own downfall. Perhaps he is unconsciously trying to punish himself for his many crimes against humanity, and especially those that have been so harmful to so many women and girls…


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The lads’ mag I edited turned a generation on to porn – and now I’m a father I bitterly regret it

Please read, like+share this EXCELLENT & very INSPIRATIONAL article by a former pornographer who regrets his career. He is now speaking out very honestly and passionately about the harms of pornography. It is A MUST-READ. ENJOY! 🙂

[The Daily Mail] – The lads’ mag I edited turned a generation on to porn – and now I’m a father I bitterly regret it: A remarkable confession from the longest-serving editor of Loaded

[Excerpt] – The day that summed up the sheer ludicrousness of what it meant to be the editor of Loaded, the most notorious ‘lads’ mag’ of all time, is one etched on my memory.

It was January 2004, and my team had been through our rivals’ magazines doing a ‘nipple count’ — meticulously tallying the number of bare nipples that appeared in one issue.

To our dismay, we’d been trumped by Maxim, who’d weighed in with a hefty 83 (which included one bare-chested man, but we let them have that).

‘Damn, they beat us this month,’ I announced. ‘What are we going to do about it?’
When one wag responded, ‘Why don’t we print 100 pairs of boobs, over six pages, in glorious close-up?’ we all whooped with delight and reported to the pub to celebrate.

So it was that we did a ‘We Love Boobs’ special, which notched up a then-record (although by today’s standards relatively tame) 200 nipples.
As an extra layer of schoolboy comedy, we decided to caption each picture with a jokey term for breasts. From ‘aardvarks’ to ‘Zeppelins’, we had it covered.

Sitting around a boardroom table with six other university-educated men trying to think up 100 comedy words for breasts summed up just how low British men’s magazines had sunk.

It was an intellectual low-water mark, but we’d spent a lot of time and money talking to our readers in research groups, and they’d repeatedly said Loaded’s winning formula should be ‘more birds, less words’.

The average Loaded reader — largely white, working class, 20-something blokes — had a simple palate, so we gave them what they wanted.

To me, it was harmless fun, dictated by market forces.
What’s more, I was paid more money than I’d ever earned in my life to do it. I’d always dreamed of editing Loaded and vowed to do whatever it took to stay there.
I never stopped to consider issues like the crass sexualisation of women.

Moral naysayers were party poopers, and if they attacked me, I’d attack them back — harder.

We were under massive pressure to sell magazines to keep our shareholders happy. We knew sex sold, so our thinking was: why not make Loaded a frenzied, Harrods-sale of nudity?

It was knowingly mindless, and for a while it was fun — and extremely successful.

When our We Love Boobs issue (which had George Best’s wife, Alex, as the cover star) hit the news stands, our readers bombarded us with thank you letters and sales soared.

A few months later, I was crowned New Editor of the Year by my company and my bosses popped more corks than the Queen’s Jubilee sommelier.
Back then, it never once occurred to me that we were objectifying women or doing any harm. I fiercely denied that Loaded was a ‘gateway’ to harder pornographic magazines.

It was in my own interests to do so. If we were classified as ‘top shelf’, we’d have been put in opaque plastic bags like the pornographic magazines, which would have been commercial suicide.
But such thoughts came home to roost five years later in 2009, when I finally grew up and became a father.
It had such an effect on me and changed my views so forcibly that within a year I’d quit a dream job that, for me, had become a moral nightmare.

When I look back now, I see we were severely pushing the envelope of what was considered decent.
We were normalising soft porn, and in so doing we must have made it more acceptable for young men to dive into the murky waters of harder stuff on the internet. And, for that, I have a haunting sense of regret.







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Porn a factor in groping attacks

Here’s more evidence to prove that porn is NOT “just harmless fantasy,” and that it DOES fuel real-life harm to women and girls.

— [Toronto Sun] The abundance of porn on the Internet is one reason why some men turn to sexually groping unsuspecting females in public places, a U.S. cop and researchers say.

After a while, digital fantasy and masturbation is not enough and some perverts want to touch live bodies, experts believe.

“‘If I touch it,’ then the mere fact that they touched it triggers a response in the brain, and they fantasize on it,” Vernon Geberth, a former homicide squad commander with the New York Police Dept., told the New York Times.

Researchers say gropers come from all walks of life.

Assistant professor Scott Bonn, of Drew University in New Jersey, says some deviants strike to carry out a sexual fetish or to satiate “an inappropriate pleasure driven by immature fantasies.”

“They touch and run away,” Bonn told the paper. “They often masturbate after their groping attacks, so the inappropriate touching is a thrill-seeking act. It becomes addictive, so they become serial gropers.”

Experts say a groper’s motivation is different from that of a rapist.

“The rapist is driven by a desire to control, dominate and even sometimes seriously injure a victim, whereas a groper’s motivation is for sexual gratification through inappropriate touching and violating the victim,” he says.




This “groping” problem, that is fueled in large part by Internet pornography (and other pornography), has gotten so bad that in some places, like Japan, that they have to provide separate female-only subway trains to protect women and girls from being groped by men and boys who openly look at pornography on the subway there! Will cities in North America, Europe and elsewhere soon have to do the same? Hopefully not!

Please help to stop this from happening by getting the word out about the harms of pornography. Please like and share this post, and please share our Page with your friends and ask them to like it and to support this important cause. Thanks!





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How Live Sex Will Save The Porn Industry

Please read, like + share this disturbing but very informative article on the porn biz shift to LIVE INTERNET SEX. NSFW! ~ And please feel free to share your comments also. Thanks!

[BuzzFeed] [Excerpt] Ruby Knox moved to Los Angeles six years ago to become a porn star. The free-spirited Native American, now 27 (though her online profile at SquirtNetwork.com gives her age as 25), says she was in it as much for the self-exploration as the money — and for a while, she found both. For much of the last decade, the San Fernando Valley — porn’s longtime hub — was flush with cash from DVD sales and an online streaming boom. Knox shot for studios like Hustler and Vivid, picking up a few AVN Award nominations in the process.

But this past April, she packed up her computer and and left the Valley. Now, from her home in Baja California, Knox does private webcam sessions for up to $15 per minute.

Knox is not alone. Webcams — or “cams” as they’re more commonly referred in the industry — were once an online backwater populated by Eastern Europeans and low-quality, stop-and-go videos. In the past few years, they’ve emerged as the driving force of a new internet porn boom.

For those at the top, the rewards are incredible. A popular model on a large cam site can generate over $40,000 in a single month. There are multiple revenue streams for a cam star, including group chats, but for many the goal is to find a “whale,” an online sugar daddy who might spend $20,000 a month on you or, even better, a member of “the platinum club” — the high-net worth fans who spend more than $100,000 a year.

Webcams have been around for almost as long as the commercial internet, but the days of watching a monitor-lit star hunched over a keyboard are long gone. In the past few years, prosumer electronics, HD video-streams and hands-free operation have turned the cams from an also-ran to the porn industry’s financial front-runner. And thanks to programs like Skype, cams have become much more of an interactive experience. If the appeal of those first webcams was voyeurism, the appeal of today’s cams is their intimacy.

The cam industry owes as much to phone sex as it does to porn. After all, the goal with cams isn’t to get the customers off, but to seduce them into staying online — at $15 a minute, the sizzle is worth much more than the steak.

Alec Helmy, publisher of the porn industry trade magazine Xbiz, calls cams “one of the industry’s few bright spots.” While the rest of piracy-plagued porn is struggling to survive, he says top cam companies have been growing by as much as 20 percent annually. Douglas Richter, a rep for Adult Webmaster Empire (AWE), one of the industry’s largest cam companies, estimates industry revenues at between $1.5 and $2 billion a year.

And where the money goes, the stars have followed. Cams are drawing increasingly high-profile stars, who are attracted to both the money and the adulation. A recent cam show by Jenna Haze* on AWE’s LiveJasmin(dot)com attracted 10,000 paying followers. That’s a lot of cash, even in an industry used to quick fortune.

It’s one reason a site like Live Jasmin can now operate in the same cultural space once reserved for luxury brands like Chandon or Bentley: Flo Rida name checked the site in his recent single, “Hey Jasmin.”

Hey girl I see you online, show me your sign
You’re a wild one that’s what I like
You can be screaming, and I maybe beat it
But we still gonna be on Live Jasmin dot com

Live Jasmin may not yet have the name recognition of Playboy, but that won’t last for long. The site currently holds an Alexa ranking of 46, making it one of the 50 most popular sites in the entire world. On an average day, LiveJasmin(dot)com attracts more online viewers than the New York Times, Netflix or ESPN. By traffic — and possibly revenue — it’s the largest adult company in the world.

The key to cams’ success is the interaction with the star — so unlike traditional porn, there’s little incentive to pirate. A taped cam show is like a taxidermied pet: It might look the same, but it’s a little lifeless. So while the rest of the porn industry fights to keep its content off torrent sites, cams are exploding. They may share a lineage with filmed porn, but it’s a Darwinian offshoot that has suddenly found itself immune to the virus that’s killing off its competitors.

It’s also changing the nature of the entire business.




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Please like and share this insightful article on the disturbing truth of how porn is training boys to become “johns” at a younger age than ever before, and what parents can and should do to prevent this from happening. And please feel free as always to share your comments, which are always welcome. Thanks!
(Washington Post) No parent should be shocked that five high school football players hired prostitutes while on a road trip to North Carolina last week.

Nor is it especially surprising that the little johns were from football powerhouse DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville. Religion and prestige are rarely shields from temptation and stupidity.

What’s new in this old-as-time story is that today, thanks to smartphones and the nearly complete submersion of the sex trade into the digital swamp, ordering three prostitutes to your hotel room is as easy as ordering a pizza.

This teen boy fantasy is closer to “Weird Science” than “Risky Business.”

“The Internet is the new street corner, and I tell everyone that going down to 14th Street” — the street once known for prostitution in the District — “is nothing more than going to your browser now,” said Sgt. Ken Penrod, a vice detective with the Montgomery County police.

The bold step of ordering up a prostitute on an iPhone often begins as early as middle school, when legions of boys start downloading porn.

Remember when the quest for certain issues of National Geographic or the hunt for Uncle Fred’s Playboy stash used to define porn exploration?

Now that the family computer and its Net Nanny aren’t the only way to get online, the access to porn and paid sex is in the palms of our children’s hands, 24-7, giving the “Droid Does” slogan enhanced meaning.

Mobile porn has become so prevalent among teens that there is even a nonprofit group, Fight the New Drug and a micro-industry of treatment camps aimed at teens who have a crippling addiction to it.

For teens ogling mobile porn regularly, the next logical step is to act out that fantasy and click on the many ads urging viewers to order up live sex.

As horrified parents, how do we stop this?

The 18 chaperons on the trip with the DeMatha team did bed checks at 1:30 and 4:30 a.m. They were almost as thorough as the Secret Service planning security for a presidential trip. Oh wait, scratch that. The Secret Service has its own little problem in this area.

The DeMatha boys evaded the best efforts of their chaperons by placing their order at 5 a.m.

Gonzaga boys soccer coach Scott Waller told The Washington Post that he confiscates laptops and cellphones when the team is on the road.

Get this: When Good Counsel coach Bob Milloy took 50 football players to Las Vegas for a game, they had 14 coaches, the school athletic director, trainer and strength coach plus two additional adults and two cops he hired just for the trip.

If anything happened in Vegas, it stayed there. But maybe the cops were the final defense keeping it legal. Wait, that is legal in parts of Nevada.

The simple fact is, keeping kids from doing what they want to do is tough.

And an online debate has been raging about the fairness of DeMatha’s punishment — kicking the boys off the team.

“They’re just teenagers being stupid teenagers. They should be suspended for a week, give them some community service in the school, and the coach should make them run some laps. Another case of the news media sensationalizing everything,” wrote T_Dubb, in the story’s comments.

That reaction mystified Penrod and others.

“It. Was. Illegal,” he said. It wasn’t just immoral.

If drugs were the issue, the debate about punishment wouldn’t even happen. And there would be no winks, no “boys will be boys” comebacks in online forums.

This isn’t a problem limited to DeMatha or an anomaly in any way. Parents who think their kids would never dream of downloading porn or hiring prostitutes are kidding themselves.

Penrod’s investigators see kids from all over Montgomery trawling the online prostitution sites. He remembers one kid who got stung in a case involving a sex worker, and police saw his profile pop up on a prostitution site the next day after he appeared in court.

The problem here isn’t only about limiting access. There are deeper lessons to address.

The illegal purchase of sex, the fact that most American prostitution is a result of human trafficking and the reality that the plastic, bleached and enhanced world of online sex is a myth that twists ideas of human sexuality and relationships need to be discussed here.

Parents cannot toss aside online porn as the equivalent of the curiosity they remember.

Porn is everywhere. You click on a link for “Cute Animal Videos” and bam! you get barnyard acts by naked humans (true story — happened to me with the kids on the iPad this summer). Any child of any age with a Nook, a Kindle or an iPad can go from Word Search or Angry Birds to graphic, violent, degrading sex videos in just two clicks.

And for older kids, not only are they awash in unrealistic, desensitizing images, but they are constantly being urged to take it to the next level, to go live.

Families who don’t have uncomfortable but honest discussions about sex, porn and prostitution are putting kids at risk for some scary consequences.




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Check out this unsettling news report of a 63 year man openly masturbating to pornography on a flight. So disturbing! Hopefully he will get the maximum penalty of 3 months in jail to send a loud clear message to other in-flight porn-watching masturbators that they WON’T get away with their unacceptable behavior, and that they WILL be caught and punished if they try this! (Imagine if a young girl was seated next this man. Would anyone want their daughter subjected to this??)

(CNN) — A Nevada man accused of viewing pornography and fondling himself aboard a Southwest flight was arrested, federal authorities announced Monday. Daniel Drinan, 63, was taken into custody Saturday night at Denver International Airport on charges of committing lewd, indecent or obscene acts in public aboard an aircraft, the U.S. Justice Department said Monday in a news release.

Drinan appeared Monday in a Denver court, where he was advised of his rights and appointed an attorney, said Justice Department spokesman Jeffrey Dorschner. Federal prosecutors did not ask that Drinan be detained and the judge let him walk free on personal recognizance — and on the condition that he not fly, including to future court appearances — said Dorschner.

The arrest followed a Saturday night flight between Baltimore-Washington International Airport in Maryland and Denver. An affidavit filed in conjunction with the criminal complaint states that Drinan sat down, hooked up his laptop computer to the airline’s Wi-Fi Internet service and began viewing pornography.

A person seated nearby noticed a man fondling himself and ultimately alerted a flight attendant, the Justice Department said, citing the affidavit. A male flight attendant arrived and, after finding the suspect’s genitalia exposed, told him to “put his pants back together,” according to the federal department. Drinan allegedly tried to use his laptop at times to hide his activity, investigators said.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on September 19, according to Dorschner.

Drinan’s location could not be confirmed Monday night, nor could it be determined which attorney was representing him.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Denver Police Department are investigating the case, with Assistant U.S. Attorney James Allison in charge of the prosecution, according to the Justice Department. If convicted, Drinan could be sentenced to as many as 90 days in jail and be compelled to pay a $250 fine.




This is the inevitable sad result of a deeply pornified culture, saturated in easily accessible hardcore pornography via every possible medium, including all portable computers and most mobile phones. And it’s not the first time this has happened on a plane, and unfortunately, unless porn watching is strictly prohibited on all flights by all airlines, (which bizarrely it currently is NOT), it sadly won’t be the last! Hopefully it won’t require too many more incidents like this before all airlines get the message and enact strict anti-porn policies.

So have any of you ever seen someone watching pornography on a plane? If so, what did you or someone else do about it and what was the result?


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Read this great post on women “being porn” for their partners, written by the always eloquent and insightful Meghan Murphy of Feminist Current ~ HINT: Acting like a porn performer yourself to please your partner will never satisfy him, and it’s not a solution to your partner’s porn watching!



According to a recent article in The Daily the new hot thing for marrieds or soon-to-be-marrieds is porn. Ha! Obviously right? But this isn’t just any porn, it’s fiancée porn! Starring you!

It’s called boudoir photography and the idea is that, supposedly, gifting your husband with his very own wifey porn will stop him from consuming strange lady porn online.

The Daily quotes Dallas-based wedding photographer Lynn Michelle as saying: “A lot of women do boudoir because they’re afraid their fiancés are looking at porn and they’d rather them be looking at her.”

First of all, that strikes me as all kinds of stupid. If your husband/fiancé wants to watch porn he’s going to watch porn. I seriously doubt that, just because you’ve produced your own private monogamy-themed porn for him, he’s going to give up his online porn habit. It seems to me that the kinds of relationships wherein the female partner is passively and hopefully trying to discourage their partner from watching porn are the kinds of relationships porn consumption is accepted and acceptable. In fact, becoming a porn actress yourself seems to encourage the idea that porn consumption is just a natural part of being a man.

Here’s a thing. Men who get laid for free still seek out prostitutes. Men who have sexy wives still watch porn. Men whose wives take pole-dancing classes for funandkicks! still go to strip clubs. No amount of playing the game is going to discourage a man who likes to objectify women from objectifying women. If you want to marry a guy who doesn’t watch porn your best bet would likely be to marry a guy who doesn’t watch porn. In terms of effecting change, the ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ technique has never worked in the history of ever.

To be clear, I’m not saying that all men watch porn and frequent strip clubs and buy sex. I’m also not saying that men can’t or don’t change. But it’s more likely that a man is going to stop objectifying and exploiting women (or never do it at all) because he arrives at some understanding of the the fact that the sex industry exploits and objectifies women and isn’t useful in terms of building an ethical, egalitarian world (other possibilities that may contribute to ending men’s exploitation of women includes creating a system wherein women can survive and thrive in our world without having to resort to selling sex). He’s not going to understand any of those things because you dress up in sexy wedding-themed lingerie (also, ew?) and take photos.

Somehow we’ve tricked ourselves into thinking that emulating porn stars and strippers is something that is fun and sexy (see Ariel Levy’s Female Chauvinist Pigs for more on that postfeminist phenomenon) good time lady fun. So, instead of coming up with things that might actually be fun and sexy and liberating for ourselves as women, we give up and tag along behind the boys. For all of our supposed sexual freedom, we sure are an unimaginative bunch.



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