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Pa. man gets 20 years in teen sexting extortion – The Sacramento Bee

READ this horrific story: A suicidal young woman was sadistically extorted to send sexual photos to a male relative. He also extorted sexual photos from her female TEEN friends via a FAKE FACEBOOK PROFILE! Beware and be safe, everyone!

[The Associated Press] — A Pittsburgh-area man will spend 20 years in federal prison on child pornography charges for sexting images he extorted from teens by using a young female relative’s cell phone and Facebook identity.

The attorney for 44-year-old Russell Freed, of Brentwood, argued for leniency Monday. But a federal judge agreed with prosecutors that Freed’s means of collecting the images was especially sadistic.

Prosecutors said Fred contacted teen girls who were listed as contacts on his 21-year-old relative’s discarded cell phone. Eventually, Freed extorted sexual pictures of the relative – even after she threatened suicide and confided about the extortion to him, not realizing he was behind it.

Freed told the judge, “I understand what I put them through. I’m ashamed and I’m sorry.”

But prosecutor Craig Haller argued “the element of sadism can’t be overlooked in this case.”

ARTICLE LINK: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/10/01/4871154/pa-man-gets-20-years-in-teen-sexting.html

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