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How to use Wikipedia to promote your business: tit torture edition | Wikipediocracy

READ this scary post on @Wikipedia “Tit torture” promotion, by @Wikipedia_Forum via Stop pornography on Wikipedia. It describes how a “tit torture” enthusiast with his own pornographic website celebrating his “passion” uses Wikipedia to promote his website and how he posts porn at his Wikipedia articles. Very disturbing!

[Excerpt] Nicholson also provided a link to his Darker Pleasures website, thus promoting his how-to guide, The Breast Punishment Primer. He then went on to spread the joy in the article on BDSM.

But Nicholson had greater ambitions: in order to really make paying customers flock to his website, he set out to create a shiny new article of the kind that Wikipedia’s male-dominated editorship seemingly can never have enough of. Nicholson’s original version of the “tit torture” article contained two links to his website. He added a third one shortly afterwards, and another one two weeks after that. The language used in the opening paragraph betrays Nicholson’s heartfelt respect for women.

Quote: “Tit torture refers to any of several erotic BDSM activities focusing solely on inflicting pain on the female breast and/or nipples for sexual gratification. Breast-oriented BDSM activities range from relatively safe and benign, such as the use of clothespins on the nipples, light flagellation, or simple breast bondage to activities that can include great risk, such as more severe caning, amateur piercing, or being suspended by the breasts.” To his credit, Nicholson rewrote parts of the article the next day and added advice on how to keep this torturous activity “safe” for the female partner.” [End of excerpt]

How thoughtful of him!

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ARTICLE LINK: http://wikipediocracy.com/2012/10/03/how-to-use-wikipedia-to-promote-your-business-tit-torture-edition/


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