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Mother and Daughter Do Porn Together But Don’t Touch Lips Because That Would Be Weird

WOW.The porn industry continues to embrace depravity with mother/daughter INCEST PORN: ‘”I enjoy being with my mom”, says Monica, (22) who dropped out school in ninth grade and got her mom (56) started in the porn biz before following suit. “During the scenes, I think about how we’re going to be filthy rich.”‘

OUCH! 😦 Well at least she’s honest about what her true motivation is for being in porn, and is not selling it as “empowerment.” But still! How terribly disturbing and tragic. And equally as upsetting, if not more so, how horrifying is it that some men (and boys) actually find this sort of porn AROUSING and therefore create a DEMAND for it. 😦 In any case, read the sad details of the mother and daughter porn duo below…

[Gawker] — Family-themed adult films are nothing new.

In fact, one of the most successful and long-running porn series of all time — Taboo — revolves around parents seducing their children and vice versa.

With that in mind — meet The Sexxxtons.

Unlike the pretend incest of Taboo, Monica and Jessica Sexxxton are the real deal. The mother-daughter duo resides in Tampa, Florida, and has been shooting smut in tandem for over a year.

But let’s get one thing straight: The two might have full-on, balls-to-the-wall sex with the same guy at the same time on camera, but they absolutely don’t touch each other while the red light is blinking.

“We don’t have a problem doing two-on-one,” 56-year-old Jessica told The Huffington Post. “We will have sex with one man, but not interact with each other.”

Sound simple enough, right? It’s not. “It’s not east to do,” 22-year-old Monica insists. “Our lips never touch and that can be a problem when filming.”

Despite their claim that a red line has been established, a cursory Google search on their names reveals that the Sexxxtons have no problem dancing around the legal boundaries of their questionable endeavor, most often with very few articles of clothing on.

For the record, Florida requires a female sex organ to have been penetrated by a male sex organ for incest to have been committed, so it seems the Sexxxtons are free to feel each other up to their freaky heart’s content.

“I enjoy the sex and I enjoy being with my mom,” says Monica, who dropped out school in ninth grade and got her mom started in the porn biz before following suit. “During the scenes, I think about how we’re going to be filthy rich.”

ARTICLE LINK: http://gawker.com/5966386/mother-and-daughter-do-porn-together-but-dont-touch-lips-because-that-would-be-weird


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