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In the Booth with Ruth – Michelle Sweeney, Anti-Human Trafficking Activist

Check out this great interview by Ruth F. Jacobs with Michelle Sweeney on her anti-trafficking activism journey. Please note that PORNOGRAPHY FUELS TRAFFICKING in many ways, including the following: 1) It TRAINS boys and men to be CONSUMERS of women and girls as sexual commodities, 2) It PROGRAMS their sexuality to be aroused by degradation, cruelty, and violence. ~ As this helpful and very inspiring interview shows, ANYONE can get involved with activism against sex trafficking and exploitation and really make a difference, so we hope you will follow the excellent examples set by Ruth and Michelle and do the same. YOUR EFFORTS ARE NEEDED! Thanks! 🙂

INTERVIEW LINK: http://ruthjacobs.co.uk/2013/01/07/in-the-booth-with-ruth-michelle-sweeney-anti-human-trafficking-activist/

Also please LIKE Michelle’s Stop the Traffik Coventry ACT Facebook Page and follow Ruth at Twitter to help support the cause. Thank you! 🙂




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