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VIDEO: How is porn affecting kids? – Dr. Drew HLN interview of “Sexy Baby” documentary team

Check out this excellent Dr. Drew HLN video about the Sexy Baby Movie documentary addressing pornography’s effects on girls: “Porn is now easily accessible to kids everywhere with the use of today’s technology. But are parents keeping up with what their kids are being exposed to? ‘Our parents and all the generations before us have never had this so accessible. And because me and all of my friends do, we don’t really have anyone to kind of show us what to do,’ teen Winnifred Bonjean Alpart, star of “Sexy Baby”, told HLN’s Dr. Drew Tuesday night.”

Winnifred also wisely said many other insightful things on the show, including the very accurate and important statement: “PORN SEX IS NOT REAL SEX.” So true!

VIDEO: How is Porn Affecting Kids? – Dr. Drew HLN


NOTE: We apologize for not being able to embed the video. WordPress.com does not support the embedding of HLN iframe videos.

In an earlier segment on the show Dr. Drew raised the issue of whether the use of violent and degrading pornography contributed to the horrific group rape of a teen girl in Steubenville, Ohio that recently has been on the news. Thank you, Dr. Drew! We think that porn use and the resulting rape culture we live in likely DOES have a great deal to do with that rape, as well as the appalling behavior of the young men who were videotaped joking about it. For more info on how pornography fuels sexual violence, please see our page on pornography and sex crimes:


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