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Sex Trafficking’s Reverberations: Powerful Radio Interview with Pornland author Gail Dines and Norma Ramos on How Pornography and Prostitution Fuel DEMAND for Sex Trafficking

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PLEASE LISTEN to this EXCELLENT and VERY INFORMATIVE Gail Dines and Norma Ramos interview. Gail is the author of the MUST-READ Book Pornland, and Norma is the Executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) (@CATWIntl). They share tons of helpful info and insights on the harms of the international sex trade and how all aspects of it are connected to each other.

Gail and Norma also address the successes of the Nordic Model of dealing with prostitution and sex trafficking, in which the CRIMINAL PERPETRATORS (the pimps, johns and traffickers) are arrested and held accountable, but their VICTIMS (the prostituted women and children) are NOT, but are instead given services to help exit the sex industry and to transition to a healthier life.

So… please start listening, learning and being inspired! Thanks! (And please don’t forget to like, comment and share to spread the word and support the cause. Thank you! :-))




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