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DEMANDForum.net — GREAT NEW WEBSITE with Many Helpful Ways to Prevent and Combat MALE DEMAND for Prostitution and Sex Trafficking


Check it out! Here is the official announcement from the creators of DEMANDForum.net, Abt Associates:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Abt Associates has launched a new online resource providing information on initiatives in more than 900 cities and counties throughout the United States aimed at preventing prostitution and sex trafficking by deterring men from buying sex. The website content is derived from our national study of reverse stings, shaming, john schools and other tactics that focus on buyers of illegal commercial sex. The study was supported by a grant from the National Institute of Justice.

The website provides two main paths to information: type of tactic and location.

· Tactics: The site provides overviews of each of 12 tactics are provided, which include examples, resources of use to practitioners in starting or sustaining their programs, and reference materials.


Auto Seizure
Community Service
John School
License Suspension
Neighborhood Action
Public Education
Reverse Stings
SOAP Orders
Web Stings

· Locations: The website allows you to locate each of the 900 cities and counties on a map or by browsing a list. Lists can be narrowed down by the type of tactic used in each site, by population ranges, or by state.

A blog, database, research on demand, links to organizations and agencies, and other resources are also provided.

We hope this web tool is of pragmatic use to practitioners, as well as to policy makers and researchers. We also hope to receive updates from the field about programs and practices aimed at the primary prevention of prostitution and sex trafficking in their communities.

Visit DEMANDForum.net

Please contact me with any updates, questions, corrections, or comments.

Michael Shively, Ph.D.
Senior Associate”


The only criticisms we have of the site are:

1) It doesn’t seem to address how PORNOGRAPHY creates demand for prostitution and sex trafficking by TRAINING and PROGRAMMING boys and young men to be CONSUMERS OF COMMERCIAL SEX (or “Johns”).

2) It doesn’t seem to focus enough on what the ideal long term solution is, which is the implementation of the NORDIC MODEL (or SWEDISH MODEL), in which only the “Johns” are arrested, and the prostituted women and children are provided with help services, including exit and transition assistance. (Although it does link to many organizations who support the Nordic Model.)

So we intend to contact them about these concerns, particularly the pornography issue.

In any case, it is still a REALLY GOOD website, so we encourage you to check it out and share it. Thanks! 🙂



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