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James Franco Promotes Abusive Misogynist BDSM Porn Site Kink(dot)com with His New Documentary “Kink”

READ this article about James Franco and his new “documentary” “Kink” that legitimizes and promotes BDSM pornography, and then please SPEAK UP and let him and others know this this is NOT OK, and that both pornography and sadomasochism are HARMFUL, and that BDSM porn is EVEN MORE HARMFUL, as it condones, glamorizes, glorifies and encourages ABUSE, CRUELTY, MISOGYNY, DEHUMANIZATION, AND TORTURE. (As well as all of this occurring during the MAKING of it to the exploited and abused “performers”, of course.) Thanks!


[Daily Beast] (excerpts) — Kink, an X-rated BDSM-porn documentary, opens with a director, who goes by the nom de guerre Maitresse Madeline, grilling her novice male subject with a series of probing questions.

“We are going to tie you up today. We are going to spank you. We are going to flog you. We might cane you. We might paddle you. We like to choke around here. Do you like to get choked? Can we slap you in the face? What about your nipples? Can we clamp your nipples? Can we punch you in the stomach? We’re going to make love to your butthole, too.”

Directed by Christina Voros and produced by the ubiquitous James Franco, the film, which made its premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, paints a sweaty, screaming portrait of life inside Kink(dot)com—the world’s premier BDSM-porn site, made up of 18 subscription sites and housed in the historic San Francisco Armory. The company, founded by Brit Peter Acworth, shoots all its videos in the 200,000-square-foot space that, in addition to room for offices and gear, also has about 50 movie sets.

“I am kinky,” Acworth, who founded the site out of his Columbia University dorm room in 1997, tells The Daily Beast. “I’ve always had an intense desire to be tied up, since childhood, so when I discovered bondage pornography around 17, then I felt, I guess I’m kinky, and that’s OK. So I started a business to help people demystify it and help them find their sexuality.”

BDSM, for the uninitiated, is short for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism. And the documentary features behind-the-scenes footage of Kink(dot)com videos of both men and women tied up by ropes, drowned in bathtubs, being shocked in the genitals by an electric wand, and being penetrated by a plethora of DIY industrial-strength “f*ck machines.”

Not all stars have had positive experiences with Kink, however. Porn star Aurora Snow appeared in Indietro, Kink’s first feature film, and says that starring in Kink(dot)com films is “a bit of a mind f*ck.”

“They are a company that looks for the moment when a girl has been mentally and at times physically pushed too far; the borderline of tears and pain,” says Snow. “Sometimes talent leaves with giant bruises that take weeks to disappear.”

She adds, “The scenes will push a girl over the edge. It’s standard practice on set to take breaks in between filming and during these breaks the talent is fawned, told how amazing they are, catered to, etc. It makes for a very confusing experience when trying to evaluate one’s own feelings about what’s really happening.”

READ THE FULL STORY FROM THE BEGINNING AT THE LINK BELOW, WATCH THE TRAILER, AND PLEASE COMMENT AT THE DAILY BEAST: (And please don’t forget to like, comment on and share this post here to inform others and support the cause. Thanks! :-))



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ARTICLE LINK: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/01/21/james-franco-and-co-discuss-the-bdsm-porn-documentary-kink-at-sundance.html


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