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69 year old porn addict with SIX computers full of XXX pornography took police to court… to get it all BACK


PORN ADDICTION INSANITY: A man downloaded porn for 8 HOURS EVERY NIGHT until he got busted for “accidental” child porn, and then had all of his porn taken away by the police. The porn addict is now demanding all of his “adult” porn be returned to him, despite saying:

“After this caper it’s lost its flavor, and I don’t watch as much. I’ve still got around 1,500 images – grannies, trannies, that sort of thing. But I’m nearly 60 years old and I’m getting past it now.”

It seems if that were REALLY the case he wouldn’t be demanding his porn back. In any case, check out the bizarre details of this story below…

[SWNS] — A porn addict found with paedophile images in a massive XXX-rated collection seized by officers in a raid took police to court — in a failed bid to get it all back.

Anthony Gerrard, 59, downloaded so much adult material it would have taken more than a month of non-stop viewing to watch it all.

He also had tens of thousands of photographs – including 11 indecent ones of eight girls and three boys.

Police arrested him three times on suspicion of possessing indecent child photos and seized six PCs and laptops from his home in Knowle, Bristol.

But he escaped prosecution when experts revealed the child images had probably been ‘unwittingly’ downloaded as the adult porn was automatically sent to his computers.

They said they were found on parts of the computers that four-times married Mr Gerrard could not have accessed without specialist tools or techniques.

Police returned two of the computers – but retained those containing the child pornography.

They took Mr Gerrard to court for the forfeiture and destruction of the hard drives they had kept which had a massive 888GB of adult movies and 2.5GB of adult photos.

A district judge found in the police’s favour last July, saying they could not return hard drives containing child porn because they would be distributing illegal material.

Mr. Gerrard – who bought his computers with his benefit money – appealed, claiming they could delete or transfer the child images and return his huge stash of adult porn.

He claimed: “I’m not interested in child porn. I don’t think it’s fair they are keeping my computers when I haven’t done anything illegal.

“I paid £40 for a month’s subscription to a website and I was downloading films from it day and night. I wanted to get my money’s worth.

“They cost me a couple of thousand pounds in total. Every time the police took two computers away, I would buy another two.”

Mr Gerrard, who is estranged from his son, added: “The good thing about having a computer is you can switch it off when you’ve finished – you can’t switch off a wife.”

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