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Here’s a video of yesterday’s YouTube Truthloader debate with Pornland author Gail Dines of Stop Porn Culture, Gary Wilson of YourBrainOnPorn.com, and three others, including an “alternative porn” female porn producer. The topic is whether or not Iceland is right to ban hardcore online pornography, which is something that has recently been proposed there. The video is very informative and thought-provoking, (especially what Gail and Gary have to say), so we hope you will watch it!

IMPORTANT: Please note that each country’s circumstance are unique, and as such this requires that they each work out their own best solutions to the harms of pornography. We don’t take a position on Iceland’s proposal because we acknowledge that we’re not informed enough about all aspects of their country, society, politics and laws to do so. However we do of course take the stand that children should never be exposed to any hardcore pornography under any circumstances.

Regarding banning of adult “consensual” porn in the United States, we don’t feel that it is a realistic, practical or appropriate solution to best deal with the harms of pornography under the current circumstances. We feel that what is best is a combination of education to reduce demand and supply, plus various types of laws, measures, and reasonable regulation to: 1) protect children from exposure to hardcore porn, 2) protect the civil rights of women in society in regards to the effects of porn on them, and 3) protect the health, safety and human rights of people in the industry.

Please see our FAQ if you’re interested in more specifics on our position. Thanks! 🙂


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