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A boy of 15 brutally raped a schoolgirl after spending hours every day trawling hardcore porn sites


Here is yet ANOTHER report of a school boy raping a young girl after watching hardcore porn. How many more victims are needed before people start taking the harms of pornography seriously? ALL parents need to confront the reality that THEIR child is probably checking out porn at a very young age, (particularly if their child is a boy), and they need to take all possible measures to both protect the child from watching porn at home, and to educate the child about why they shouldn’t ever watch it ANYWHERE.

Otherwise this ever-increasing wave of brutal sexual violence against women and girls will only increase, as will the use of porn and the addiction to it by young boys who are being programmed to only be aroused to cruel, degrading and violent pornography.

[The Sun] — A boy of 15 brutally raped a schoolgirl after spending hours every day trawling hardcore porn websites.

He and a friend tied up the 14-year-old, threatened her with knives and put a plastic bag over her head before raping her.

The battered and bruised victim had to bite through the bag to breathe and has been left psychologically scarred.

Judge Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, said: “I have no doubt the trigger for this offence was the child’s wish for experimentation following visits to internet porn.”

He told the lad: “The full horror of what you did, only she can know.” Relatives of the girl AND the rapist yesterday called on the Government to stop kids being able to access online porn. The girl’s dad said: “Restrictions should be put in place.

“This attack on my daughter was pre-planned. They were re-enacting porn they had watched online.

“Kids of five are looking at porn, which is horrendous. When we were that age we were playing with toy soldiers.”

He added: “They can get it anywhere, on their iPhones and other mobiles really easily. Any porn is inappropriate for children but it’s the extreme violent nature of it that is worrying.”

The attack happened at a house in Hartlepool last April. The boy and his 14-year-old friend admitted false imprisonment and rape at an earlier hearing — and the pal was locked up for four years last November.

The 15-year-old was sentenced to three years at Teesside Crown Court, but the girl’s dad slammed the terms.

He said: “They’ll be out in a year, perhaps two. But this will affect my daughter for ever. She is very quiet now, she is a different person.”

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ARTICLE LINK: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4816519/Boy-15-rapes-schoolgirl-after-watching-hardcore-porn.html


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