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SIGN THIS PETITION: Twitter: Make stricter regulations on blocking pornography on your site.


Please support @LetsLoveProject and sign their petition to get Twitter to make stricter regulations to block porn! ~~ The petition was created by our good anti-porn friend Daniel Ginn who is working hard to do HIS part to make the world a better place with LESS PORNOGRAPHY and MORE LOVE! 🙂

CHANGE.ORG PETITION: Twitter: Make stricter regulations on blocking pornography on your site.

“Sadly there are thousands of pornographic images depicting acts of violence and humiliation. We all need to take part in promoting healthier unified equal sexual attitudes. Porn distorts the reality of sexuality and Twitter is too open with the content of the site.”

Please click the link below and sign the petition, and also leave a comment on the petition saying why you think Twitter should make greater efforts to block porn! Thanks!


NOTE: Please don’t forget to follow us at @AntiPornography and @PornAddictHelp1, as well as follow Daniel at @LetsLoveProject. Thanks! 🙂





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