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PLEASE WATCH this thought-provoking video below on the very serious harms of sadomasochism, created by our friend “R-Luv” at the StarrPowerWomen channel at YouTube. It includes a very powerful original poem written and read by R-luv, which is also posted below, as well as lots of informative content demonstrating how harmful, dangerous and sometimes DEADLY BDSM can be.

Please note that the majority of pornography is now sadomasochistic, and that the violent, risky and degrading BDSM scenarios that are said to be “just acting” in porn, (but which are sometimes very real), are often lived out IN REAL LIFE on prostituted, trafficked and raped women and children, as well as on the pressured and coerced female partners of sadistic porn-addicted and porn-fueled men.


R-luv Spoken Word Poetry on topic of brutality in BDSM sexual assault crimes like the murder of Brittany Killgore RIP…

I’m not down for this pain & pleasure trend
I like a man that’s just plain genuine
It sounds like villains who make pain their pleasure whatever happen to simple love & cherish
what’s up with all the whips & chains & high risks when I would rather settle for a passionate kiss
why is torture yearned for instead of love
I rather just have a hug
I don’t need to choke I don’t need to act like a lowlife animal
treat me like a lady plain & simple….

So don’t let no man make you go on all fours
there’s a war of respect ragin for all women
stand up speak out for our mute victimized dehumanized souls
may brutality cease
God bless you…Peace

♥Hearts out!!
Written by R-luv@StarrPowerWOMEN


Brittany Kilgore BDSM murder news story:

“Brittany Killgore murder suspects killed to satisfy sexual fetishes, documents say”



BDSM B&D = Bondage & Discipline S&M = SADISM & Masochism (Dominance & submission)

As “Fifty Shades of Grey” has made popular headlines you must be informed of facts concerning ALL ABOUT BDSM SADOMASOCHISM!!


BDSM activity, even where clearly consensual, can be and frequently is prosecuted under state criminal laws dealing with assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault or sexual abuse. Such criminal prosecution can arise in various circumstances, including:

— The BDSM “scene” turns out to be more intense or painful or harmful than the submissive participant anticipated, and she or he goes to the police.
— Injury is caused that is sufficiently serious or sufficiently visible that it is brought to the attention of the police by an observer, by hospital personnel or by a friend or relative of the submissive participant.
— The police raid a BDSM event and observe conduct that they interpret as unlawful.
A BDSM relationship ends, leaving the submissive partner with bad feelings, and he or she complains to the police about assault or abuse.
— Someone with a grudge against a participant in the BDSM scene or relationship makes a complaint to the police.
— Or pictures, videos, emails, film or sound recordings of BDSM conduct somehow come into the hands of the police.

Video edited by R-luv@StarrPowerWOMEN with ***INFORMATIVE!!*** RESEARCH from “Law & Order SVU” BDSM Episodes, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), News Events, R-luv Spoken Word Poetry & MORE.. Thanks4watching ♥Hearts out!!


Please don’t forget to like, comment on, and share this post and the video to help spread the word about the harms of sadomasochism and pornography, and to support the cause. And please subscribe to R-Luv’s StarrPowerWomen channel, which has some other great videos, including ones on the harms of pornography and sex trafficking. Thanks! 🙂



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