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‘Cannibal cop’ (and sexual sadist) Gilberto Valle faces life in prison after jury finds him guilty of conspiracy to kidnap women and more


The NYC “Cannibal Cop” who planned to rape, torture, murder, cook & EAT his wife & female friends was found GUILTY of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and illegal use of federal databases. What does this have to do with pornography? A lot! Gilberto Valle followed the normal pattern for violent porn users: Desensitization, escalation, then ACTING OUT. See the shocking details below. ~ WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, VIOLENT, AND DISTURBING CONTENT AHEAD!

[NY Daily News] [Excerpts] — Prosecutors contended the city cop was “a sexual sadist” who had been seeking guidance online for how to abduct, torture, rape, cook, kill and eat women, including his wife, two old college friends and an Archbishop Molloy High School softball star.

Their key piece of evidence was Valle’s family computer, which had been handed over to the feds by Valle’s wife of three months, Kathleen Mangan-Valle, after she discovered his horrifying plans.

The computer at their Forest Hills, Queens, home was loaded with crime-scene pictures of dead and mutilated women, twisted images of women being tortured and sexually assaulted, pictures of female friends he’d downloaded from Facebook, Google searches for terms like, “How to kidnap a woman” and “human meat recipes,” and sickening chats with three co-conspirators where he spoke about his stomach-churning plans for his victims.

Valle’s lawyers maintained he was engaging in “fantasy role play” with like-minded “death fetishists” he’d met online. Gatto said Valle liked to pepper his stories with real-life details to make them sound more genuine — and “scary.”

Jurors spent four days reviewing the grisly evidence against Valle. Some of it was “material that degrades the human spirit and corrupts the human soul,” Judge Paul Gardephe told them after the verdict. […]

The group had drawn timelines to discuss what exactly occurred, when it occurred and how it occurred, and as they pieced it together, the picture that emerged was that of a man who was stepping out of the world of fantasy and into reality.

“The majority of what we were looking at we felt was fantasy. I think like an addict needs a larger and larger dose, he was needing things that were more and more real and he was progressing,” Pineiro said. “He was speaking to what we felt [were] serious people and he didn’t back away from them. He willingly continued the conversations and sometimes was the provocateur of the conversations,” and then he carried out “overt acts.”

“He was bringing it into real life,” he said.

He didn’t specify what made jurors feel that way, but there had been testimony from an FBI agent that Valle told him his secret cyber life was “bleeding” into reality.
In July, Valle had emailed one of his creepy co-conspirators pictures of his friend Kimberly Sauer in the days before he and his wife were having brunch with her in Maryland — along with a document called “Abduction and Cooking of Kimberly: A Blueprint.”

“I’ll be eyeing her from head to toe and licking my lips, longing for the day I cram a chloroform-soaked rag in her face,” he wrote.

After the brunch, he emailed the man, later revealed to be a British nurse named Dale Bolinger, to say, “She looked absolutely mouthwatering. I could hardly contain myself.”

Then in September, he closed his account on the Darkfetishnet(dot)com website, telling Bolinger he was doing so because it would make it harder for him “to get caught.” Around the same time, he also used his computer to look up the address of the high school student he’d been eyeing, Kirsten Ponticelli.

READ THE REST OF THIS HORRIFIC STORY AT THE LINK BELOW AND CHECK OUT LOTS OF PHOTOS OF THE TRIAL AND THE PEOPLE INVOLVED: (And please don’t forget to like, comment and share to spread the word and support the cause. Thanks!)

ARTICLE LINK: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/cannibal-faces-life-guilty-conspiracy-kidnap-illegal-databases-article-1.1286075#ixzz2NVlAm8AU


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