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Traci grew up in Steubenville and was raped there herself when she was only ten years old. She has recently been speaking out loudly and clearly in the media about the horrific epidemic of rape that is being committed in our society by men and boys against women and girls, her own experiences with rape, and her perspective about the recent high-profile Steubenville rape case.

TRACI’S MUSIC VIDEO: “Stupidville”

Traci has also publicly connected pornography and rape on more than one occasion. Here is a brief Q & A from her appearance on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN last week: (During which Attorney Gloria Allred ALSO spoke up against the pornification of our society and it’s connection to rape!)

Piers: “Do you think, Traci, that the amount of pornography that these kids can get access to on the Internet and so on these days is having a bad effect on them? Is it desensitizing them to proper behavior with women?”

Traci: “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

VIDEO: Traci Lords and Gloria Allred on Piers Morgan: 3/14/2013

Thanks again, Traci! We really appreciate everything that you are doing to raise awareness about RAPE CULTURE and its connections to PORN CULTURE!


Traci also followed our @AntiPornography Twitter account yesterday and retweeted one of our tweets thanking her for speaking out about rape culture and quoting her from her recent OMG Insider interview!


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NOTE: This is the first of two posts on Traci and her anti-rape culture and anti-porn culture activism. More good stuff coming tomorrow! 🙂


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