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Former porn star and CSUN student Jennie Ketcham shares her story


Here’s an article with ex-porn star Jennie Ketcham sharing the harsh truth of the porn industry. (Jennie is @BecomingJennie at Twitter.)

We love Jennie because she really knows what she’s talking about and she always just tells it like it is! And on top of that she’s a wonderful person who is setting a great example of someone who has left porn and who has made a positive transition to a healthier life. Go Jennie! 🙂

[Sundial] — Jennie Ketcham, former porn star and current CSUN psychology major, dispelled myths about the porn industry providing actors an endlessly glamorous lifestyle during the lecture “Porn’s Glass Ceiling: An Illusionary Wage Gap,” in the USU Tuesday.

After a lucrative eight year run as an award-winning porn actress, Kecham gave up drugs and alcohol and realized she could not continue the job while sober.

“I thought it would validate me, so I did nude modeling, the gateway drug to hard core porn. I didn’t realize that validation can come from inside,” said Ketcham, author of “I Am Jennie.” “Nothing about what I did gave me skills to live in the real world.”

Ketcham said “average females” are porn stars that are not in high demand. They are very easily replaceable and their careers often do not last longer than a year. She estimated that they can make about $88,000 a year doing two scenes a week or 162 a year. The “average male,” whose careers have more longevity at an average of five years, can make comparable income but must perform about four scenes a week.

“Exceptional females,” or those in very high demand, can make their careers last closer to 10 years at $249,600 a year, doing about four a week or 192 a year. “Exceptional males,” who can make their careers last the longest at 15 years, will make slightly more, about $268,800 a year, but have to perform almost every day at about 336 scenes a year.

Exact numbers are hard to find because of how closed off the industry tries to be, but estimates were based off figures she came across when working as a director, she said.

“Porn is the greatest myth of the entertainment business because no one knows about it,” Ketcham said. “I knew if I spoke out I would be blacklisted and it would take away that temptation, I couldn’t go back – it’s like erasing your drug dealer’s phone number.”

At high rates and a fast turn around, Ketcham said the glass ceiling for the porn industry is that performers have to give up more to make more, all together making it an unsustainable career.

“I have a friend that has been in the business for seven years and just did her first anal scene for $10,000,” Ketcham said.

“Tomorrow it will go back to the regular rate of $1,300 and now that people expect it, they want you to do it now.”

Whatever reasons people have for getting into the industry, decisions start with the discrepancy between who they really are and who they ideally want to be, Ketcham said. “When I was young I didn’t know where I fit in. I didn’t know my role in family or my family’s role in society (and) I felt muddled and confused,” she said.


To learn more about Jennie’s reasons for getting into porn, as well as her thoughts about why some other people may get into porn, read the rest of the story at the link below: (Also please don’t forget to like, comment, and share this post to spread the word and support the cause. Thanks! :-))


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