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Here’s a very sad but profound story about the severe harms of pornography use: isolation, no social skills, no real life, love, or relationships… But the GOOD NEWS is that even if it takes awhile, some porn users CAN see the light, and begin to live REAL lives, and learn the skills needed to enter into REAL relationships with REAL-LIFE partners. 🙂

For those of you who know people who use porn who think it’s just harmless fun, especially young guys, please feel free to share the below story with them to help them wake up sooner rather than later!



I must admit that for most of my adult life I have watched porn constantly, and I haven’t realized until recently all of the damage that it has done to me emotionally and mentally.

Pornography isolates you from the real world and turns you into a sex starved person. Pornography is exactly like drugs — it’s an addiction that will eventually ruin your life. I have a hard time developing real and strong relationships with women, and it’s because I was so dependent on porn when I was lonely, and got addicted it. So now I have absolutely no social skills whatsoever. I have a hard time talking to women.

The truth is, most women are not like those porn stars we see in films, and they don’t want to be treated like porn stars get treated on film. Porn stars get paid for what they do, that’s why they do it. Real women are way way different than those depicted in porn films.

One final thought: I think porn is the reason 45 year-old lonely men become 45 year-old lonely men. They’re too dependent on porn for temporary relief of depression, but emotionally they receive nothing positive from it. Because of porn they live their whole lives alone and depressed. They learn no social skills and think that we live in a world where all that women want is sex, or to be treated like they do in films, so that becomes their mentality.

Different types of people watch porn, but I think that those that get affected the most are the ones that have never had a real relationship with a woman. I think we should teach kids more about being in relationships based on love and respect, and encourage them to seek love, so that one day we don’t have to fill the voids with porn.



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