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BLOOD, SWEAT & SEX: My Hard Life in Porn – Performer Aurora Snow exposes the HARSH TRUTH about porn


Check out this informative article by current porn performer Aurora Snow (@MissAuroraSnow) on the many hazards of working in the porn industry.

While we obviously don’t agree with Aurora’s conclusion that pornography can “help a married couple spice up their love life, or provide an unconventional tutorial about sex,” or that it, “fills a need within our culture”, we certainly appreciate her honesty about how abusive and harmful being in the porn industry can be! We hope Aurora’s candidness about how UNglamorous, UNsafe, and UNhealthy porn is will deter many aspiring young porn performers from entering into such a toxic and exploitative industry.

We also would like to say that we believe Aurora and ALL women deserve a better life than catering to thousands of uncaring woman-hating “fans” who get off on watching women be subjected to all of the abuses that Aurora describes in her article.

[The Daily Beast] – Portrait of me in the middle of a typical porn scene: Sweat drips down my face, my overworked legs are wobbly, my jaw might ache from being open too long while my neck burns from being twisted into an awkward angle.

Being an adult performer is not easy money, as the preachers like to say. It’s a little like being a high-risk professional athlete—stamina is required. While everyone is entitled to love or hate “skin flicks,” I think most people harbor misconceptions about the work. Remember that pornography is shot with the viewer in mind. In the summer there is no air-conditioning on the set (too noisy) and it’s not always, or even often, glamorous.

Like many other adult actresses, my first few scenes, which were shot in May of 2000, were the stereotypical easy-money kind: some regular vaginal sex where I played the wide-eyed innocent guided by the seasoned male. Fresh meat sells well—the roughing-up came later.

Over time the “new girl” scenes no longer appealed to consumers, who want to see diversification from steadily working performers, and scenes that progressively up the ante. Over the last decade this process has gained momentum—girls that enter porn in 2013 have to be ready for extreme acts earlier on in their careers. Because of this acceleration, there is about to be a generation of porn performers who have spent the majority of their years in porn doing extreme sex acts. I am one of them. I’ve smiled through gonzo scenes, but afterward often went home sick, curled up in a ball and physically nauseated. There is always a price to pay; the kind of damage we’ve inflicted on our bodies won’t catch up with us for years. Hopefully it won’t be lasting, but we’ll be the first generation of adult actresses to know.

Adult actresses are prone to internal tears the way an athlete might be at risk for injuring a tendon. No amount of stretching can prepare you for what will happen on an adult set if things go wrong. No one likes to talk about injuries (porn-girl etiquette), so it’s hard to pinpoint how frequently they occur. Injuries are not routine, as far as I know, but several of us, myself included, have experienced their fair share. My first on-set injury happened with a rapacious male performer who held little regard for my body and slammed into me like a rag doll. It was the first time I’d been torn; the director suggested we use extra lube and keep going. (On days like that a tube of Neosporin became my best friend after work). It was excruciating, but the show must go on. No one gets paid if it doesn’t.

A rising performer, Amy Brooke, entered the adult business in 2009, and has already garnered the AVN award for “most outrageous sex scene.” With over 200 films under her belt, Brooke is aware of the chances she takes dedicating herself to her fans’ entertainment. “Your body can’t take doing that every single day—it might break or start prolapsing.” Strenuous scenes can take a toll on the body over time, thus limiting a career” to a certain number of years. Sensitive flesh is pounded raw, and muscles are stretched to their limits. In this line of work a girl cannot work every day; she needs “recovery” days. Fortunately I’ve been lucky, but I know others who have been injured from the same sorts of scenes. It’s a high-risk, high-dollar job. Taking it in the booty makes it even higher, paying fifty percent more on average than vaginal sex.

READ THE REST OF THIS EDUCATIONAL STORY AT THE LINK BELOW: (And please don’t forget to like, comment on, and share this post to spread the word about the devastating harms of porn and to support the cause. Thanks! :-))

ARTICLE LINK: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/03/18/blood-sweat-and-sex-my-hard-life-in-porn.html

FOLLOW UP: Sharing a tweet of this story prompted a conversation between us and Aurora at Twitter. Please check out our tweets and Aurora’s for April 3, 2013 at the links below. To summarize, Aurora was polite and friendly, but wanted to make clear that she’s NOT anti-porn and that she doesn’t believe porn that fuels sex crimes. When we shared our page of Harm Stories with her, she said that she would be willing to read them with an open mind. We hope she does! 🙂




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