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PORN GENERATION: 40% of teenagers have texted sexually explicit images of themselves


Here’s yet another article that demonstrates how exposure to pornography has VERY severe consequences for kids!

[Mirror UK] — It is all too easy for parents to dismiss porn as a harmless part of growing up – but gone are the days of teenage boys hiding a copy of a racy magazine under their beds.

Instead the shocking reality of the availability and effect of pornography – particularly explicit and violent online videos – is becoming increasingly worrying.

This week, former children’s TV star Floella Benjamin slammed internet porn, warning that Britain was on an “unstoppable march into a moral wasteland”.

The Lib Dem peer said girls are increasingly subjected to degrading behaviour and boys are learning to see their female counterparts as “sexual objects”.

In just over three years the number of under-18s committing sex crimes has rocketed by almost 40%, with experts largely blaming online porn.

Even primary school kids are exposed to pornography and a shocking 40% of youngsters have used their smartphones to send sexually explicit images of themselves.

The sexting trend has led to devastating consequences – including suicide – and child protection experts warn of an unprecedented generation of children growing up exposed to violent pornography and the warped attitudes it creates.

And our investigation reveals that it is a danger no parent can afford to ignore.

Some schools are trying to tackle the problem with a groundbreaking new scheme to change attitudes.

But joining one such class provides a terrifying snapshot of the attitudes children have today towards sex.

At first there is a nervous silence interrupted only by the odd giggle. But then the words come thick and fast – slag, slut, whore, sket…

The group of teenagers at an inner-city school are discussing insults they encounter regularly.

“You hear that all the time,” says one 16-year-old girl, pulling at her fringe. “I don’t think about what it means but when you do, you realise it’s not that great.”

The TeenBoundaries session run by charity Family Lives is one of five classes, paid for by the school, teaching vital life-lessons about the perils facing 21st century kids – online porn, sexual bullying, cyber bullying and the dangers of sexting.

It is sex education for a modern age. And listening to the stories told by the 21-strong class of 16 and 17-year-olds makes for a sobering experience.

One 16-year-old girl says: “This generation judges a lot. How you dress, what you say, how you act. If someone walks into the common room and they’ve been with a lad, no one will keep quiet about it. It always gets out.”

One 17-year-old boy explains: “Stuff gets spread through Facebook, Twitter and email.

“Once, a girl sent a boy an intimate photo of herself. He blackmailed her and said he wouldn’t send it to anyone if she gave him money.

“She paid up but he sent it round the school. Parents would be shocked to know the stuff we see. They haven’t got a clue.”

The outreach worker leading the session, Shirin Rose Monks, says the combined effect of sexual bullying, sexting, sexual aggression and pornography is “terrifying”.

The 22-year-old explains: “It’s everywhere. There’s no way of stopping kids seeing those images – that is not our job.

“But we can ask them to consider what they’re looking at and teach them that it is not acceptable and not normal.”

And she admits some of the tragic stories she hears still shock her, including a 15-year-old girl who was shunned by her friends after she sent a naked photo of herself to her boyfriend.

She was physically assaulted by her father once he found out and committed suicide in the school toilets.

She says: “The danger of sexting and the abuse of online pornography is that they’re so accessible. Unchecked, the potential effect is terrifying.”

Within the group Shirin has just worked with, most know the damage things such as sexting can do. But what of younger children growing up exposed to images they’re too young to understand?

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