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3 Stop Porn Culture Events! In Boston in July. Media Institute, Anti-Porn Slide Show Training, Feminist Teach In




This summer, Wheelock College, together with Stop Porn Culture, is offering a Media Institute, an anti-pornography training, and a one-day feminist teach-in. Below are details and a link to registration. You can register for any or all of the events. Scholarships are available for low income people.

Event 1 – July 9 – 12

Media Institute:

Media Madness: The Impact of Sex, Violence and Commercial Culture on Children, Adults and Society

Faculty: Dr. Gail Dines and Dr. Diane Levin

Participants interested in taking this as a 3 credit graduate course or for PDFs should contact Gail Dines at gdines@wheelock.edu)

Some of the topics we cover:

* How media violence affects behavior and contributes to violence in society
* Growing up with Beyonce, Katy, Kim, Lindsay, Rihanna and so on …
* How media images perpetuate and legitimize sexism, racism, consumerism and economic inequality
* The role of hypersexualization and pornography in perpetuating sexism and violence against women and children
* How media affects children’s ideas, learning, behavior and relationships
* How to critically deconstruct media images and develop media literacy skills
* How to become active in advocacy, community building, and grass roots organizing
* How to work with children, families, schools, and the wider society to counteract the harm being caused


Event 2 – July 11 – 12

Stop Porn Culture Anti-Pornography Activist Training

Trainers: SPC Board

Running concurrently with the second half of the media institute is a training that provides participants with the experience, knowledge, and confidence to talk publicly against pornography in their communities. The training will include in-depth presentations on:

· How porn shapes our attitudes, identities, behaviors and sexuality

· Background on the economics of this global industry

· First Amendment and other free speech issues

· Women in the industry

· Racism in porn

· The question of “alternative” images

· How to organize in your community

We will also have a long session of practicing Q&As in small groups. The training will end with a session on self-care for presenters and activists, since this work can be grueling.


Event 3 – July 13

Feminist Teach-In

Facilitators: SPC board and members

This feminist teach-in will provide participants with an opportunity to participate in in-depth discussions with leading feminist activists/academics from across the country, and also in small group discussions, to explore issues such as:

* History of debates within feminist thinking and activism
* The porning of women’s and men’s sexuality
* The sexual politics of hook-up culture
* The history of race and racism in feminism
* Men in feminism
* Stopping prostitution and trafficking
* Capitalism, patriarchy and environmental justice
* Feminist blogging/writing as resistance

. . . AND: how to become a joyful, energized and effective feminist activist!

To register for any of the events go to:



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