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Here’s the sad but hopeful story of Markus, who realized how his pornography use twisted his view of women, and then wisely decided to quit using it! Please share some positive feedback for Markus, to encourage him to continue on this positive path of setting a great example to all men of respecting women and respecting himself. We will make sure he gets it. Thanks! 🙂

MARKUS’S STORY (male, 22, Germany, found AntiPornography.org through YouTube, YouTube username = isurugi )


Thanks to you I have been putting effort into quitting watching porn. So I honestly want to thank you. Because of your blog and the videos you have uploaded to show the painful but undeniable truth, I have been doing my best to quit watching pornography and further show the respect to women that I already had been doing.

The thing is, porn isn’t only unhealthy for the porn stars but for us watchers as well. It twisted my view on women, made me view them as sex objects, and I wouldn’t respect women the way they should be respected. I was always thinking about sexual acts every time I met a new girl or my friends.

It may not be a serious issue now but I know that it is going to screw things up big time later on when I get a girlfriend, a wife, or a family. People think porn is just sex on film, some with fetishes, this and that, but refuse to acknowledge the fact that it corrupts the way the viewers think, which may or may not influence their behavior.

You see, there is this girl I love, and while she may not return the same feelings, I want to respect her as the lady she is, and myself. I didn’t want my “mental addiction” to pornography and my “physical addiction” to jacking off to become an issue, so I decided it’s time to stop. It’s time to quit watching women getting humiliated on the Internet and in the videos. I’m not doing this for this girl I love but for myself. She is someone I care for and she deserves the respect whether or not she returns the feelings. Not only she should be respected, but every other girl out there, even the porn stars who got into the business.

These women in porn are being treated like dirt, like crap, and it made me feel guilty watching them on film. I feel like a jackass attending to my pleasure at other people’s displeasure and misery. But thanks to you it actually struck me and influenced me to quit.

I honestly hope I keep this up, and I thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely


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