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“The Myth of the Happy Hooker” – Formerly prostituted woman Rachel R. Moran exposes the harsh reality of prostitution


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[Irish Times] — The first man to take Rachel Moran into his car for £10 hand relief in 1987 didn’t care that the 15-year- old was homeless after being thrown out by her mother, who had schizophrenia and was addicted to prescription medication. He didn’t care that her mentally ill, gambling-addicted father had taken his own life. He didn’t care that the social care system had failed her.

He didn’t ask why a child was selling sex on Benburb Street in Dublin 7, or why she had been so utterly abandoned that the homeless 21-year-old pimping her was all she had to hang on to, her only friend in the world, even though she’d known him only a few days. “Take it easy on her, it’s her first time,” the pimp said – rather hypocritically, considering he knew her age was an asset.

All that first punter cared about, and the thousands after him wearing wedding rings and with baby seats in the backs of their cars, was that Moran was 15. Underage sex was, and is, a turn-on for many of the thousands of men – one in 15 – who prostitute 1,000 women and girls every day in Ireland.

“I know of girls of 13 being prostituted today,” says Moran, who is now 37 and whose book, Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution , will be published next week, with rights already sold in Australia and negotiations under way in the UK and US.

In a week when Real Men Don’t Buy Girls , a social-media campaign by the Immigrant Council of Ireland, was launched in response to the trafficking and prostitution of young girls, Moran’s experience shows that such exploitation is not new to Ireland but that it has grown with the opening of European borders.

Men who prostitute women want to express their hatred of them by hurting them in ways no other woman would endure, Moran says. She recalls a middle-class man, who could be anyone’s husband, calling her to his home and then imposing violent sex on her on his marital bed, in a room whose walls were covered with photographs of his wife and children, as he aroused himself by spewing “disgusting and demeaning” insults about his wife. (In retaliation, and as a message to his wife, Moran rolled her own lipstick under the bed.)

Paid For is no titillating call-girl memoir perpetuating the popular myth of The Happy Hooker , the Pretty Woman redemption, the sexy student enriching her future by being prostituted to pay for her education.

“How glamorous is it, I wonder, to think of a huge heaving fat sweaty man shoving his penis into the most intimate part of your body? The truth is that prostitution is always an affront to human dignity. It is psychosexual bullying. Women in prostitution are not seen as equal humans,” Moran says.

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