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Here is LINA’S STORY on how pornography use by her boyfriends ruined her relationships with them. Please like and share it to support the cause! Also please share your comments which we will pass on to Lina, who will appreciate your thoughtful feedback. Thanks! 🙂



I am 28 years old and eight years ago when I was 20 I was in trouble because I was hanging out with some people who worked for fetish and BDSM pornographers. (BDSM = bondage, domination, sadism and masochism) I was working with them as a go go dancer and other bad things, but no sex.

I did it because I was angry with my ex-boyfriends. I found pornography pictures and videos on their computers many times and I was doing it for revenge. I kept thinking: “Why these girls and not me? Am I not sexy and beautiful etc.??” (I was sooo immoral and immature.) In a way I think that I got revenge against myself and nobody else. That was a real zero in my life, nothing good in my head!!!

When I started a relationship again I stopped what I was doing with the BDSM people. One day I found my new boyfriend with a dildo and he was watching porn with women and transsexuals. I felt so empty. 😦 I thought again, “Why is he doing this? Can’t I be loved? Am I so ugly? Who likes this?”

I broke up that relationship of four years and I spent one year alone. I thought that if I fell in love again I would be careful about what my boyfriend wanted and liked. Then I met someone and got involved with him. I was starting new and I was so happy. My new boyfriend was kind, etc., but one time he was staying in my house and in the morning I woke up and caught him watching porn on the computer. 😦 I didn’t break up with him and I’m still with him now. (One year and some months later.)

I talked to my friends and my mother and they told me that many boys do that sort of thing and that I shouldn’t break up because of it. But we have problems with our relationship and we haven’t been intimate in many days. Instead he masturbates in the bathroom to girls in porn, plus he wants me to do those things that the girls in porn do and I don’t like to do them. 😦

I am feeling very sad about my boyfriend as I feel things for him and it’s not easy for me to leave him. I try to explain to him how hurtful it is when he looks at pornography, but he just says that it is “nothing bad,” and that he just sees it as a game!

In addition to these porn problems with my boyfriend my dad likes to see porn with animals.. :((((( I am not feeling well. I really don’t know why these men are so stupid. I am sure I am not like that. I don’t like these ugly ways. Why do they hurt us? Where is the love?? 😦

Porn is making war on love, knowledge, kindness, true beauty and happiness. Porn is teaching people to use their body in ugly ways, like meat!

People: Open your minds and hearts. Do good things in your life. Don’t throw yourselves into the garbage. You deserve the true beauty of life, whether you are healthy or not. Make your brain think healthy. Do something good. You can do it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and that you bring me some happiness to know that there are people out there like you who understand how harmful pornography is.




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