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— By Melanie (22, Germany, found AntiPornography.org through YouTube)

Hey everyone. I’ve been working in an erotic store for about three years now and I must admit it is simply disgusting to see what kind of pornos men pick. (The name of the store is Erdbeermund, in case anyone is interested or lives in Germany.) The oldest men pick the teen movies, the younger the female performers the better, and the more brutal the sex acts the better. We have DVDs about men sewing up women’s vaginas and everything else you can imagine.

Working in this place has really made my image of men worse. Every second DVD customer wants us to throw away the DVD cover. Why? Because he has to hide what he is watching from his wife, girlfriend, or whoever. Sometimes we have customers asking for help to pick a nice sex toy to surprise their wife, and as soon as the customer steps up to the register he asks screwed up questions like: “Where is there a whorehouse or a strip club?” Or he even changes his mind on surprising his wife and ends up buying some DVD with men peeing on women.

We have porn addicted customers calling us all stirred up because they’re waiting for a new DVD that was supposed to come out. These people spend hundreds of euros on some stupid DVDs! They collect this stuff. This is sick! One of them lost his wife and has a lot of debt because of this!
As for me, I broke up with my fiancé because he was (I believe) a porn addict. He came to visit me from the US for two weeks and had nothing better to do than get up and watch porn while I was still sleeping. All he had eyes for was girls and more girls. He loved strip clubs and everything that had to do with this theme. This screwed up my love and respect for this man and he disgusted me. Plus he had double moral standards big time: For instance, he loved all these things but his own woman isn’t allowed to even take sexy pictures, and gay men should be killed but lesbians are hot. Since being with this man I feel like throwing up just thinking of men liking lesbians, men watching porn, or men going to strip clubs or whatever.

This man hurt me so much that now I truly have an issue just with seeing naked women everywhere. I got to the point that I started crying when I was watching TV or if I saw a commercial for the sex hot-lines or just some movie with women taking off their bras, whether it fits in the movie or not. And this is also the reason why I stopped modeling. It is because I see all of this differently now. I could have been big in hip-hop videos but I chose not to — because it’s just the same as pornography, just not to the same degree.

I want to escape from this but I can’t. I have a new boyfriend now and all of these issues I brought from my old relationship have really caused some issues already in my new one. I am simply disgusted by men. My boyfriend, who is a sweetheart, once told me that he has always dreamed of a threesome with two women, which is actually nothing really bad. But I’m so mad and disgusted just because of these things that I had to go through with my ex. I even thought about going to a psychologist.

All in all these things make me go crazy and this “sex society” that is made for men pisses me off big time. I cannot even go to a damn regular club without being forced to see female strippers hopping around in front of my boyfriend’s nose, and everyone always expects me to accept it: “Men are like this,” “It’s in their genes,” “You have to accept it,” Blah, blah, blah… Get out of my face with this!

Anyway, I am so glad that I’m not the only one with these kinds of issues. Most people don’t understand it. I love your site and I will try to spread it to anyone who seems open to it. Much respect to you and the anti-porn side! We need more like you!





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