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“Porn Problems: Here Come the Women” – by Marnia Robinson of Your Brain On Porn


Here’s a very informative article on female porn addiction, by Marnia Robinson of YourBrainOnPorn.com and Reuniting.info (@Reuniting)

It’s very sad to see this phenomenon occurring, but it’s very important to become educated about this harsh reality in order to help other women (especially younger ones) to avoid falling into this very dangerous and harmful trap!

[YourBrainOnPorn/Psychology Today] — A popular online Swedish news magazine recently reported that women are noticing their own version of “porn impotence,” (already reported in Swedish men and elsewhere). Says one woman,

“I have wondered about the reason for my lack of interest in sex in-real-life. … I can definitely see the pattern: Lots of porn = declining potency with a partner. I’ve reached the stage where I opt out of sex with a partner and settle for porn. … I’ve never even thought about this in terms of the reward system. And masturbation is so damn obvious a reward! More than the food, I think.”

Said another: “[Porn use] may in itself be empowering, but can act as a barrier when one suddenly wants to establish an intimate relationship.”

We’ve often been asked why we seldom blog about women’s porn problems. Answer: The people posting online about their porn-related symptoms have almost exclusively been male. However, spurred to action by the Swedish article above, we decided to dig deeper. We chose Reddit/NoFap, which appears to be the most female friendly of the sites where (mostly young) people experiment with giving up Internet porn and/or masturbation. More than 700 of its 60,000+ members publicly identify as female, affectionately dubbed “femstronauts.”

Of the 540 female usernames we checked, only about a quarter had posted. Of those, 93% were attempting to quit an unwanted behavior (usually porn, but sometimes also excessive sex-toy use/masturbation). To our surprise, only 7% were seeking advice about a partner’s porn use. Although there were both lesbians and bisexuals among the sample, the overwhelming majority of the posters spoke of sex with men.

We were struck by how closely the femstronauts’ accounts mirrored the experience of men’s self-reports of Internet porn-related symptoms. As you’ll see, the women, too, complain of loss of sensation and arousal during real sex, escalation to unwanted porn genres, irritability, apathy, addiction, insomnia without porn use, and so forth. Many also see marked benefits when they quit.

As this is our first in-depth look at femstronauts’ self-reports, we want to include a lot of women’s voices. We’ve broken this long post down into the following segments:

— Women experiencing porn-induced problems speak out
— Improvements after quitting
— Porn conditioning

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