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Check out this thought-provoking story on how using pornography harms and objectifies both women and the user. Also, please don’t forget to SHARE AND COMMENT! We will pass on a link to this post to the author so he can read your feedback. 🙂 Thanks!


By GlobalNonCompliance (male, 20’s, U.S.)

Porn is addicting, more it is insidious and will grow on you like a parasite. Porn opens young men and women up to a world of pain and suffering that they could never begin to glimpse from the get-go. It starts innocently enough with a computer in the bedroom as a teenager, it can end with taking one’s own life like many of the men and women you watch like to do.

It will tear the lives of man and women, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend apart. It will breed violence and decay within the minds of those who worship and salivate over these icons of sexuality and smut. It can be linked to an increase in murder and rape, pedophilia and a morphing of the social construct of sex in general. Porn is a gateway drug to deeper hardcore perversion and sadomasochism, the darker sins of humankind… SEX AND VIOLENCE AS ONE.

People think it’s OK, but when you grow up with a computer in your bedroom, what you end up watching after years would scare somebody who has actually participated in actual hedonism. I haven’t had a real relationship in many years because of my addiction and lack of self-control. You may say that’s not me, but we all have urges, and you open up Pandora’s box when you watch porn.

When you view pornography there are certain emotions and stress revealed, and when this become habitual, those emotions change almost overnight to guilt and anxiety, because deep down you know you’re not only objectifying those women on the computer screen, but you’re objectifying yourself, and your future partners. Not only that you’re escaping something that you refuse to recognize within yourself, some lack of self-confidence or rage at the world. You are building THE damaging habit and burning terrible images into your brain that you will always carry with you unto death.

A healthy sexual relationship cannot exist in many people’s lives when porn occupies a young man’s thoughts, emotions, and chemistry. The problems with pornography here and America only embodies a much greater crisis, a crisis of the spirit, or the lack thereof in this civilized world. Be careful what dark forces you invite into your life and allow to take hold, because asking them to leave only faith and love can provide. Don’t you have enough escapism already in your life, to invite another in you may never get out?




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