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GREAT NEWS! The government just won the legal case requiring the porn industry to prove that all workers are over 18 years old! The pornography industry brought the case against the government because they felt it was too much of a “burden” on their “free speech” rights to have to ensure that underage exploitation wasn’t occurring by documenting the age and identity of everyone that was being photographed in the nude by them, or being filmed having sex. (“Sex” that is almost always unsafe, and often full of cruelty, abuse and degradation.) Thankfully the judge in this case wisely disagreed with the pornographers and decided to hold them accountable!

Needless to say the porn industry is upset about this. @MarkKernes of Adult Video News just tweeted:

“@markkernes: 2257-The good news: No more warrantless searches without probable cause. The bad news: We still have to prove we aren’t child pornographers.”

We actually think that pornographers having to prove that they aren’t sexually exploiting children is perfectly reasonable. What about you? Do you agree?

Check out the details of this case and this anti-porn victory below in a press release by Stop Porn Culture:


The Free Speech Coalition, the lobbying arm of the porn industry, suffered a major blow today in their challenge to the constitutionality of 18 USC 2257, which requires them to keep age verification records that porn performers are 18 or above. Judge Michael Baylson, a federal judge serving on senior status for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania found in favor of the government and ruled 2257 to be constitutional under the First and Fourth Amendment.

Dr. Gail Dines, an expert witness for the Department of Justice, argued that 2257 was vital for protecting children from being sexually exploited by the porn industry. Because “Teen Porn” is one of the top porn search terms in the world (500,000 searches daily), one of the largest porn genres on the internet, and the female performers in this genre look especially youthful, Dr. Dines argued that 2257 is one of the key ways to prevent the porn industry from using minors as a way to build a consumer base for young looking female performers.


Go Gail Dines! Go team! 🙂

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