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Former Pornographer Dave Pounder exposes truth: male porn actors use Viagra, and porn actresses are damaged


In a new interview, former pornographer and porn actor Dave Mech (aka “Dave Pounder”) admits:

1) Male actors use Viagra
2) Women in porn are emotionally damaged.

So… 1) if porn-using guys are comparing themselves to studly “long-lasting” men they see in porn, they shouldn’t, because they are certainly not seeing a normal, healthy, drug-free sexual “performance”. And 2) we can conclude from this interview that virtually no emotionally and mentally healthy women actually enter and stay in porn, and the women that DO enter and stay in porn often LIE — to make it seem like they’re fine, healthy, never sexually or emotionally abused, and are now “empowered”, when in fact they’re not.

Sad but true! Read the details in these excerpts from the Psychology Today interview with Dave:

(Note: some people complain that we’re “biased” because we’re anti-porn, so they can’t take our information or sources seriously. Well this source — Dave — is still very pro-porn, so there goes that argument in regards to trying to discredit his testimony!)

DAVE: … And yes, I always had Viagra on hand for the extra assistance needed to perform as the scenes became more technical to shoot. Today, virtually all male performers use some form of ED [erectile dysfunction] drugs to aid in their performance.

INTERVIEWER: Did you ever have a serious relationship with a woman while you were performing as a porn actor? If yes, how did your partner react to your career choice? If not, do you think that your career choice hindered your ability to find a partner?

DAVE: I don’t think it is possible to have a serious relationship with someone while being involved in an acting capacity in the adult media industry. I formed some close friendships with some of the girls and hung out with them from time to time, but I never tried to have a serious relationship with them. This had nothing to do with the fact they were doing porn, but more so to do with the fact that they were crazy. If I would have met a bright, educated, cute, mentally-stable girl who happened to do porn, I certainly would have dated her. I just never found one.

INTERVIEWER: Could you offer a broad description of the typical personality profiles of male and female porn actors?

DAVE: The female actresses, in my opinion, are all damaged (e.g., histories of sexual or emotional abuse). I know it sounds bad to say that, but that has been my experience after spending over a decade in the industry. I have yet to meet a non-damaged (i.e., no past history of sexual or emotional abuse or trauma) professional (e.g., attorney, doctor, professor) female who left her job to make adult videos. With men, however, there are two different types of guys. The first type is the guy with nothing to lose. He works a minimum wage job, has no assets, and jumps at the opportunity to do porn, assuming it is somehow presented to him. After all, most attractive women would never have sex with these guys, so it’s a golden opportunity for them. The other guy is the semi-retired professional who really doesn’t need to work anymore, so he typically starts his own business and shoots himself in most of the scenes in a way that doesn’t show his face. This allows him to maintain his vanilla (mainstream) friendships while still having sex with attractive women for fun. This is what gave rise to the POV [point of view] method of shooting [As explained to me — interviewer — by Dave, the man receiving a sex act holds the camera as though the lens were his eyes. His face is never shown. I learned something new!]

INTERVIEWER: What are your thoughts on the “damaged good” hypothesis when it comes to female porn actresses?

DAVE: It is very true, unfortunately; and it makes sense from an evolutionary psychology standpoint. The cost of having sex for women is much higher compared to men, so it doesn’t make much sense for a woman to seek out a career where she is having low-investment sex with a variety of males, especially of low social status and resources. Think of the corresponding scenario for men. We win from an evolutionary psychology standpoint when we are able to have sex and procreate with a variety of fertile women. Hardcore porn is much more closely aligned with male sexuality.

INTERVIEWER: In one of my recent Psychology Today articles (see here), I discussed a published paper that investigated the “damaged goods” hypothesis. The conclusions of the study do not seem to support your contention.

DAVE: It’s true as my experience goes. Looking at your link, it doesn’t mention prior sexual assault or emotional abuse growing up, which is my definition of damaged goods. Also, questionnaires are limited compared to behavioral research. I interviewed this girl for my documentary and asked her on camera if she had a past history of sexual or emotional abuse, and she said “no”. However, she had revealed to me in the past that she did. When I asked her why she lied, she said “people don’t need to know that.” Many people feel the same way when answering questionnaires.

FULL INTERVIEW:http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/homo-consumericus/201307/chat-author-and-former-pornographer-dave-pounder


So yes, folks, it’s true! As many people who have been in porn will tell you, (the ones who are willing to now be honest), lying about their past and their true feelings and reality was not only the norm for them in porn, but a necessary part of their “profession” to “maintain the fantasy.” (Authenticity and truth in porn is bad for “business”!)

For examples, check out Jenna Jameson’s statements about this sad issue and her own porn career here:


Photo credit: WPBF News


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