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There are no ‘happy hookers’: In US sex trafficking is complex, brainwashes victims


READ this powerful and very moving article about how pimps manipulate and abuse their victims, which is explained by an ex-pimp!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that pornography fuels prostitution and sex trafficking, so it you’re against those horrific abuses, you need to also be anti-porn! Also remember, the idea of “happy hookers” is a HUGE MYTH!


“You’re being manipulated from the beginning,” says Douglas. “The pimps know exactly what they’re doing. It’s part of the psychological and emotional manipulation. Right when you start feeling like you need to get out of the life and go, they do something that keeps you hooked in.”

Aside from the promise of affection, coercion tactics including sleep and food deprivation, forced drug use, and physical and mental abuse. Through various means, traffickers “brainwash” their victims.

When explaining why someone might defend or refuse to leave their pimp, Douglas says the closest phenomenon she can compare such a mental state to is the diagnosis of Stockholm Syndrome. This is a psychological condition likened to post traumatic stress disorder in which victims come to identify with their captors and abusers.

“I’ve always related the experience to that of [kidnapping victim] Elizabeth Smart,” Douglas says. Smart was abducted by a couple as a young girl, but remained with them for years, despite enduring abuse, even though she likely had opportunities to escape.

“I try to make them understand through her story. She was kidnapped, raped, [‘married’] by her captor, and basically created a family with him. She was free to move about and was not looking for help. The help found her. I think she had Stockholm Syndrome and I think that’s what happened in this New York trial,” she said of the more recent case.

Douglas, who will be featured in Tricked, a feature length documentary about sex trafficking set to be released this fall, has survived the psychological abuse of her ordeal. Yet, women who are not able to break free of the mental bondage of sex trafficking might not fare as well without the support of more supportive laws.


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