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Here’s a very short story of a young women who pretended to lust after other guys to help her boyfriend understand how she feels when he watches porn. She got an interesting result! 😉 Please check it out below and let us know what you think! We will pass along a link to the post to the author. 😉

By feminismo3x (female, 22, U.S.)

DISTURBATION: Instead of explaining to my boyfriend about how I felt about him lusting after other women in porn while being in a #relationship with me, like I had tried in the past, I decided to just put him in my position.

As we were laying there in his apartment bedroom, I pretended to masturbate to Thor, the supposedly sexy chiseled godlike actor, and Edward, the supposedly hot dangerous vampire in Twilight, both of whom I don’t even know their real names.

So I moaned ,“Oh Thor.. oh yeah.. Edward.. yes yes yes!” And not to my surprise, my boyfriend, upset and utterly disturbed, turns the other way and says flat out “You’re disgusting.” So I try to comfort him by putting my hand on his shoulder. “Honey, are you OK?” He stays faced away and says in a monotone voice, “Don’t touch me, you gross me out,” and throws my hand off him.

I hold back my giggle, instead, I pretended to give him an angry tone: “Honey, you need to grow up, OK, it’s normal, everyone does it. God, I’m not hurting anyone, I’m just in the moment to get off and then I’ll be done. I still love you.” I smiled, and gave him a big hug. He pushes me off again. I can tell he was hurt. “At least I’m not watching Thor or Edward naked with their rock hard abs and hard c*ck, like you do with…” He continues: “I told you I stopped watching porn already, OK?”, and he assured me he was on the same page: “PORN IS WRONG. So.. you were masturbating to both Thor and Edward?.. AT THE SAME TIME??? EWWW! GROSSS!!! GET OFF ME!!”

“NO stupid,” I replied, “I wasn’t even thinking about them. I was just trying to prove a point.”

Still disturbed.. he laid there with his arm over his forehead… Grossed out.




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