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“Sydney Leathers Is Officially A Porn Star And Plans To Confront Anthony Weiner In New York” (via NY Daily News)


Sad but true! Anthony Weiner’s sexting “mistress” has done a solo pornography video for Vivid Entertainment. She’s considering doing a more hardcore video too….

[NY Daily News] — “It’s not a self-pleasure video,” she told the Daily News in an interview on Monday. “It’s just a sexy photo shoot with a behind-the-scenes interview.”

She added, “I’m glad that it’s out. I’m not embarrassed. I think it’s good for me. A lot of girls have body image issues, and I’m not exempt from that. It’s important to look at your body in a positive way. It’s really not that bad.” (Via the NY Daily News)

Okay, so she didn’t actually have sex in front of a camera yet, but it’s still a nude shoot for a leading porn company. Still, Leathers wants everyone to know that she’s not a prostitute, which makes sense because she hasn’t been paid for sex. Again, that we know of.

“If people want to take it that way, fine. But I think it’s weird that anyone would have expectations from me. I’m not running for mayor. It’s my body, it’s my decision. I’ve never been one to let other people pass judgment on my body and what I do with it,” she said.

READ THE REST: http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2013/08/anthony-weiners-cyber-mistress-sydney-leathers-is-officially-a-porn-star-now/


Unfortunately this is not the first time Sydney has prostituted herself, in one way or another…

[NY Post] — In a particularly telling portion of that chat, Leathers boasted about stringing along an older Sugar Daddy for three years. She proudly said that her day-to-day expenses were paid for, all without having to put out.

“I never had sex with him. I didn’t want to because I knew I didn’t have to,” Leathers said. “I knew I could get what I wanted without sleeping with him.”

Now that her 15 minutes of fame have stretched into 53 minutes of X-rated footage, Leathers said she’s being recognized on the streets.

“It’s happening more frequently,” she said. “In passing the other day, someone said, ‘Oh there’s the Weiner girl.’ “



In this interesting article by ex-porn performer Aurora Snow, Aurora advises Sydney to NOT do hardcore porn…. (While still unfortunately glamorizing being a “regular” “porn star”…)

[The Daily Beast] — Think about where you might want to be five or 10 years from now. Selling yourself out for one sex tape hardly carries the hard-earned prestige of being a porn star. So unless you are ready to do your time—hundreds of hardcore scenes—all you might hope to gain from a sex tape is a fat check and a soiled reputation sans the porn-star perks. A sex tape will follow you forever. If you should one day decide to be a teacher, or seek a public office, this is a surefire way to block such endeavors.



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