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“LOOK: Raunchy ‘Oral Skills’ Billboard Near College Campus” (RECRUITING YOUNG WOMEN FOR PROSTITUTION)


There are now BILLBOARDS in Los Angeles with ex porn star @BreeOlson recruiting young women for sugar daddy prostitution! WOW. We think it’s very sad that pornstitution culture has spread so much into our society that this is happening! What do YOU think?

Details below…

[Huffington Post] — A new raunchy billboard near the UCLA campus features a former porn star beckoning students to be paid for oral sex.

The billboard was put up by ArrangementFinders(dot)com, a “sugardaddy dating site,” and stars former adult performer Bree Olson (she also used to date Charlie Sheen). Olson smiles next to the message, “Do you have good oral skills? We’ve got a job for you.”

The billboard is at the corner of Pico Blvd. and Gateway Blvd.

The site’s chief marketing office AJ Perkins said in a statement about the billboard, “After three months of hanging out by the beach and taking it easy, we want to remind female students they have other options in life besides just hard work.”

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