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Condom use in porn wouldn’t only protect performers, but ALL VIEWERS, who copy what they see, especially teens. It would also protect the PARTNERS of all porn viewers, including a lot of innocent women and girls who deserve to not be exposed to or contract STDs from their partners! ~ In other words, because young people (and sometimes older ones!) often treat porn as their sex education, and their ideal fantasy of sex to imitate, mandatory condom use is porn is a very important PUBLIC HEALTH issue that affects ALL OF SOCIETY in a very serious, life and death, way!

For more info see this informative excerpt below from a recent TIME article. Thanks! 🙂

[TIME] — Although HIV-prevention groups argue that requiring condoms primarily protects porn-industry actors and actresses, some researchers say there’s a great public-health issue at stake too. “I think the portrayal of condom use could have a positive effect not only on the health of the porn actors and actresses, but on viewers, especially younger viewers who are beginning to develop their own sexual scripts,” says Jane Brown, the James L. Knight Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Brown’s research with adolescents showed a correlation between exposure to pornography and earlier sexual intercourse, anal intercourse and less progressive gender roles. That means that seeing condoms in pornography could potentially have an effect on how younger people view safe sex. By age 14, 66% of males and 39% of females reported having seen at least one form of sexually explicit media within the past year. Brown also found that 76% of males who reported committing at least some form of sexual harassment also reported using sexually explicit material, and 90% who reported having oral sex and 88% who reported having intercourse used sexually explicit media in the past year. A 2001 study that analyzed X-rated-film consumption among African-American girls also found that those who viewed X-rated movies were more likely not to have used contraception the last time they had sex and were more likely to have chlamydia, a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, compared with girls who had not watched the movies.

“The media, unfortunately, continues to promote a sexual script [or] sequence of sexual behavior that neglects the three C’s of sexual health: commitment, contraceptives and consequences,” says Brown. “So, as young people develop a sense of how things should occur in a sexual relationship, they see a sexually unhealthy script in which couples barely know each other — in pornography, [characters] are often strangers — have sexual intercourse with no discussion or depiction of condoms or other forms of contraception, and yet, no one is shown suffering from sexually transmitted infections or unplanned pregnancies.”

Ana Bridges, a professor in the department of psychological science at the University of Arkansas, has looked at how pornography affects relationships and says she believes that if condoms had a greater presence in pornography, condom use would become more acceptable and routine among viewers. “I fully support California’s efforts to promote safe sex practices in the production of pornography and believe it could have a positive ripple effect by promoting safe sex practices more broadly, much like marketing campaigns do, so long as the introduction and use of the condom are clearly visible in the pornographic scene,” she says.

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