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EXCLUSIVE: HIV+ Porn Star Cameron Bay Recounts Disturbing Experiences On Set While Shooting Porn


READ this article in which newly HIV infected porn performer Cameron Bay shares the disturbing reality of porn. She describes the horrific abuses, injuries and illnesses a female performer is expected to endure as part of their “job” of providing depraved misogynistic masturbation material to sadistic uncaring men.

Cameron also supports condoms in porn! Check out the details below.

[Huffington Post] — Owning nothing but a backpack full of clothes, Cameron Bay started working as an escort a year ago, hoping to rebuild her life. A few months ago, she performed in her first-ever porn scene — an orgy with 10 people. After just nine more scenes, she discovered she has HIV. Nobody’s sure where or when she contracted it.

During her scenes, none of the male performers she had sex with ever used a condom, she said. One female performer told her, “Don’t even bring it up because they have somebody waiting to replace you.”

“I learned that there’s always someone younger and sexier, willing to do something you’re not. It’s a dog-eat-dog world,” Bay said in an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post. “I think we need more choices because of that. Condoms should be a choice.”

Last November, LA voters passed a measure mandating condom use in porn, despite a large, coordinated campaign against it by the porn industry. But since then, industry insiders say there has been no enforcement of the new law.

After having sex with five men in her first porn scene, Bay got a kidney infection and was sick for weeks (photo). She shot all but one of her scenes in LA for Hustler, Zero Tolerance and 21st Sextury. The only scene not shot in LA was her last scene, shot on July 31 for Kink[dot]com in San Francisco, where the company is based. It’s also the only time she shot BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism) and anal sex.

Bay was told that condoms were optional on that final shoot. She told people on set that she would leave the choice up to her male scene partner. Bay said to HuffPost she didn’t think she needed to ask for a condom because her male co-star had a negative STD test. Kink[dot]om confirmed to HuffPost that Bay was offered a condom but it was not used.

During the scene, a male extra hit Bay too hard on set and badly injured her left-breast tissue. Kink[dot]com paid for her hospital visit through workers compensation, and her doctor ordered her not to work for two weeks so that her breast could recover, Bay said. The surgery she needs on her breast, which is artificially enlarged, has now been postponed — possibly permanently — because she has HIV.

Kink[dot]com confirmed to HuffPost that performers’ injuries on set are covered by workers compensation but the company’s HR department was not available for comment on Bay’s injury.

In the same shoot, there was a separate incident when “really, really bad stuff” happened on set, Bay said. “Let’s just say there was an incident, and we should have stopped shooting,” she said, declining to give more details. “Very poor decisions by a few of us.”

“I was new to the industry. When I was told that I was safe to shoot, I was like, ‘OK, cool,'” she said. “I had no idea. I really didn’t understand.”

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