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NEW FILM ADDRESSING PORN HARMS – “Don Jon” (Opening TODAY) – The Real Don Jons: How Online Porn has Affected a Generation | EW.com


NEW! Don Jon (@DonJonMovie) is opening today, a comedy on how pornography objectifies women and misleads users! Although the movie may use comedy to examine this important issue, apparently it still really makes some very serious points — especially about how porn harms relationships — so we hope you’ll all go see it and let us know what you think! (Unless you’re a recovering porn addict or someone especially sensitive to pornographic imagery, as the film is R-rated and does show the harsh truth of what a lot of porn is actually really like.) Thanks! 🙂 ~ Check out the details below!

[Entertainment Weekly] — In the R-rated comedy Don Jon, opening Sept. 27, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a twentysomething New Jersey gym rat and self-styled ladies’ man whose ability to maintain normal relationships with women is hampered by his obsession with online porn. While his girlfriend, played by Scarlett Johansson, swoons for the fantasies on display in Hollywood romantic comedies, Jon (Gordon-Levitt) wonders how the flesh-and-blood women he meets can ever measure up to the virtual vixens on his computer screen. If this sounds like pretty racy subject matter for a mainstream movie—well, it is. But Gordon-Levitt, who wrote and directed Don Jon, says he was interested in exploring how the media shapes our perceptions and expectations. “Pornography is a huge, huge part of our media culture,” he tells EW in this week’s cover story. “The message Don Jon is trying to bring to light—and make fun of—is reducing people, especially women, to nothing but sex objects.”

Unless you happened to take a strict vow of celibacy around 1991, you know that the Internet is, to a large extent, one massive porn delivery system. By one recent measure, 30 percent of all data transferred across the web is some form of pornography, and porn sites attract more unique visitors each month than Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix combined. What no one is quite sure about, though, is what effect this is having on us—and, in particular, on the generation of people reared in the Internet age. What kind of influence has growing up in an era of instantly accessible online porn had on men—and, for that matter, women—who are now in their 20s? Just how many real-life Don Jons out there are wrestling with the impacts of their porn use?

Gen-Xers and older Millennials can hazily recall those pre-Internet days when porn was still a titillating taboo, secreted away in the backs of magazine racks and curtained-off areas of video stores. “When I was a kid, the only way to see a naked woman was in Playboy or on HBO after midnight, or you’d watch Weekend at Bernie’s 2 and freeze-frame the shot when they pulled the bikini off,” says one 29-year-old who works in the film business. “Now while I’m driving I could pull up a hardcore pornographic video of three guys having sex with one girl and watch it immediately. That level of access is unbelievable.”

And, for most men, that instant gratification and the promise of never-ending novelty is nearly impossible to resist, especially if it’s all they’ve ever known. “For men, porn is kind of like video games — it’s an escape,” says “Jake,” a 25-year-old man from upstate New York. “There’s a scene in the trailer for Don Jon where Scarlett Johansson catches [Gordon-Levitt’s character] watching porn and I think, ‘You’ve got Scarlett Johansson in your bed, and you’re looking at porn?’ But guys do that. Porn is a way to retreat into a world where you are in control. It creates the impression that you are more in control of your sexuality than you actually are. So when you’re faced with a real woman, with real sex, with a real relationship, it can be very jarring.”

For those twentysomethings whose sex education was shaped primarily by Internet porn, it can come as a rude shock to find that the images of sexuality imprinted on their young minds are often at odds with what actual sex is like. “When I first started having sex, I tried to have sex like the guys in porn, because that was all I knew,” Jake admits. “I had a girl stop me and say, ‘You’re hurting me. I don’t like this. We’re going to stop.’ That was crushing. I thought I had to dominate her. I thought that’s what sex was.”

Actor Justin Long explored some of these ideas when he co-wrote the upcoming romantic comedy A Case of You, which features a character who chooses online porn over his girlfriend. “I’m probably of a different generation,” says Long, 35. “My introduction to anything like that was when I found a stack of Playboys from the ’60s and ’70s. But it’s so rampant now. Even on a less sexual level, I think the advent of all this technology has brought up a difficulty in interpersonal communication. It’s only going to get worse with people developing problems.”

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