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Jenn Tisdale, a 33 year old woman who is a writer and comedienne, decided to shoot a porn video with porn performer James Deen. Why? Her reply was: “Why not?”

Seriously, that was her reasoning. And of course because her mom is “progressive,” she supported this poor decision, as did many of her friends who are so “excited” about it. And of course it ended up being super “empowering.” After all, porn isn’t harmful, it’s LIBERATING, right??

Please feel free to comment on this woman’s article at the link below to share with her a few good reasons as to why no one should do porn, and why porn is in fact harmful to everyone! Thanks! 🙂


“I started telling strangers all about what I did. I needed a new cell phone charger as my sole purpose in life is to lose cell phone chargers and wallets, and I ended up telling the woman at the Verizon store everything. She made me promise to come back and let her know when it was available because, and I quote: My husband and I love watching porn. I filed her away as my first fan, sort of. That has shocked me the most. People are not only interested in it but excited. It’s further proof that porn is not the Wizard behind the curtain it once was. The Sexually Liberated Dorothys of the world have pulled back the drapes to reveal something not quite frightening after all. Surrender Dorothy, turns out she’s a submissive after all.”


More info and pics:


Another misguided woman writer (Andrea Garcia-Vargas) who supports Ms. Tisdale’s decision and actions:



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