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Here is a very tragic story of how NOT glamorous porn “stardom” is! This misguided young man ended up in a drug-filled life, constantly abusing himself and others, that finally led to murder. He also dated and tortured an underaged girl he met on a porn set. Read below.


[Houston Press – Excerpt from pages 4 & 5] — Champ had sex with hundreds of women on-screen, often chasing them off-set as well. But one was different from the rest. In January 2011, Snavely showed up to a porno shoot and found himself opposite a buxom brunette with a button nose and beautiful brown eyes. She didn’t seem tired or jaded or worn out like the other women. She was fresh. She was a beauty queen.

She was 15 years old.

“John was definitely my first love,” says the girl, who we will call Amber. “This hasn’t really been easy for me.”

Amber won’t say whether she and Snavely had sex on set. (The Broward County sheriff’s office is investigating.) But she will tell New Times about the two years she spent with Snavely: 24 months of jealousy, drugs and dark secrets.

Despite their unusual first encounter on set, the porn star and the beauty queen had a normal — almost boring — relationship. At least until it went violently awry.

She called him Dragon. He called her Bird. They would spend hours inside Snavely’s South Beach apartment, watching movies. For Amber, it was an escape from her wealthy but broken family. For John, it was the closest thing to a normal childhood he would ever get.

Mentally, they were an equal match. But in every other way, Snavely had the upper hand. He was twice her size. And when he left her to go to a shoot or to party on the weekend, she was effectively trapped inside his apartment. At first, her family worried that she’d been kidnapped before grudgingly accepting that she was seeing a porn star.

It wasn’t easy dating the Champ. He had sex with other women and stripped for gay men for a living. “He liked the porn, but he always said it would mess us up somehow,” Amber says. “He felt like he couldn’t be completely faithful to me with his job. He didn’t feel right about it. Sometimes it felt like cheating.” Eventually, she became convinced he was cheating on her outside of work, too.

“At the end of the day, I knew he loved me,” she says. “I thought that was enough. It was stupid.” She posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook of them eating out at expensive restaurants.

But jealousy also consumed Champ. He began believing that his underage girlfriend was running around on him, even though she could barely leave his apartment. When he caught her texting another man, he smashed her phone. Five separate times.

“He tried to isolate her so that she couldn’t talk to us,” says Amber’s grandma, a short Cuban woman with highlighted hair and spectacles. “She wouldn’t leave him. God knows why, but he drove her crazy.”

Fueled by drugs, Snavely’s jealousy spun out of control. One night, his flatmate was washing the dishes when Snavely slowly walked into their shared kitchen. The hulking porn star was clutching something dark in his hand. He was somber, almost crying. “I cut off her hair,” he mumbled. “I cut off her hair.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have done this. I’m freaking out.” Snavely had been interrogating Amber over her supposed infidelities when he suddenly grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped off a swath of her hair, he confessed.

That wasn’t the end of the abuse, either. A few months later, the flatmate saw Amber emerge from Snavely’s room with dark spots on her face. She tried to disappear inside, but he grabbed her and asked her what had happened. “He burnt me,” she said. “He burnt me last night.”

Snavely had held a lighter to his knife, then pressed the burning blade to Amber’s face, arms and legs, according to police reports. He was trying to coax a confession from the beauty queen by destroying her looks.

Horrified, the roommate called the cops. But Amber wouldn’t cooperate. When the flatmate took her to her grandma’s house, Amber instead called Snavely to pick her up. Later that day, the flatmate received a call from the Champ.

“So you’re going to the police? That’s where we’re headed with this?” Snavely shouted.

“He wanted to know if I was trying to fuck his girl or take his shit,” the flatmate remembers. “I started freaking out. This dude had chopped off her hair and burned up her face. Who knew what he was going to do to her? I kept having visions of her being tied up somewhere or dead.”

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