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Here is a MUST-READ article on the dark secrets of Internet porn – the porn that is the most violent, misogynist and abusive — and who’s behind it… (And how difficult it can be sometimes to find exactly who that is…)

WARNING!! Very graphic and disturbing content!!

[Washington Post] — Researcher Garth Bruen long has investigated the seamier corners of the Internet, but even he was shocked to discover Rapetube(dot)org, a site urging users to share what it called “fantasy” videos of sexual attacks.

Bruen gradually discovered dozens of similar sites offering disturbing variations — attacks on drunken women, on lesbians, on schoolgirls — to anyone with a credit card. Some made clear that the clips were fictional, but other sites had the word “real” in their titles. At least a few touted videos that he feared might show actual crimes.

Sickened, Bruen tried to determine who operated the sites, a first step toward possibly having them shut down. But he quickly hit a wall: The contact information listed for Web sites increasingly is fictitious or intentionally masked by “privacy protection services” that offer ways around the transparency requirements built into the Internet for decades.

That is especially true for sites offering illicit or controversial content, studies have found. As a result, although governments have increasingly powerful tools for tracking individual behavior on the Internet, it’s harder than ever for private citizens to learn who is responsible for online content, no matter how objectionable.

To Bruen, this is the dark side of Internet privacy.

“That’s not privacy. That’s secrecy,” said Bruen, 42, a security fellow at the Digital Citizens Alliance, a Washington-based advocacy group that combats online crime. “That’s corporate secrecy.”

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