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Here is a very powerful and thought-provoking recited antiporn poem on the true devastation of porn to women.


(NOTE: Full text and intro below.)



VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND POETRY TEXT: (By poetry author Grainne Humphrys)

Spoken word poetry by creative activist Gráinne Humphrys inspired by frontline anti-porn activist & writer Gail Dines who wrote ‘Pornland’. Here is my fierce warrior ‘Kali the Destroyer’ feminine power addressing the unholy alliance of capitalism, porn & patriarchy.

Just to clarify I am not anti-sex, I am anti-corporate sex! I am against corporate sex because it breeds exploitation, objectification, seperation, disconnect, cruelty and hatred. Like most women, I am also a victim of it. It’s complicated and often emotionally painful. We all have to get through this dark layer in order to be fully liberated.

I have explored both my basic animal/ natural healthy sexuality (lust) and the narcissistic disconnected sado-masochistic, dominance/submission, victim/perpetrator dynamic, dualistic, unhealthy sexuality our culture promotes (hatred and desire). Now I’m working towards a more integrated, connected, holistic, heart-centred sexuality which is a challenge (pathway to the divine). This is Chakra 2 wound healing for me, using Chakra 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 to truly value myself, accept myself and express it for the collective wild feminine!

I have also been a nude model on a number of occasions and I have no problem with erotica or consenting adult artistic depictions of nudity, although I think more critically around it now. Everyone has their own unique sexuality. Mine is a mixture of raw animal magnetism and pure spirit. I’m working on the authentic passionate heart, rather than Donna Juanita’s shallow seductions & conquests.


‘Warhead’ ~ a poem to our pornified patriarchy & sex obsessed culture, inspired by Gail Dines’ ‘Pornland’ lecture


You invade me
You possess me
Oppress me
Own me, take me
Claim me as yours
Your penile police brutality
Carving up my territory
Into your laws, rules, codes
Your pictures and your fantasies
Your obscene male supremacy
Your totalitarian
Patriarchal porn state
Overwhelms my psyche, engulfs me
Floods my mind, permeates my soul
Disturbs my balance and
Crushes me with depression

You infiltrate me
Colonise, conquer and capitalise
Divide the women
Saturate my children
With sexualised objects
Grooming my son to be a sadist
And my daughter a masochist
Feel my fury
And my outrage
You leak into everything
And I see you everywhere
Insideous creep, insatiable greed
If I speak out I am gunned down as
Sex-hating prude
Killjoy, celibate fool
I can’t win
But I fight back with
What you view as rejection, an insult, an affront
To your masculinity
The F word
My refuge
My voice
My power
My reality
My sanity intact
Thanks to

Brute, beast
Breasts, thighs, splayed pussies
Cocks rammed into throats, arses
Billions made on the back of
Traumatised, tender women brutalised
Victims all over again
Take it hard, bitch
I resist
I am a slut
Whore, Madonna, child
Your warhead holds no bars
Tie me up, gag me
Take me from behind
Anal rampage until my rectum
Collapses and scars my psyche
Sanctioned by our culture
And legislation
Your freedom of speech is my slavery
Perverted justice
I can be bought and sold
Given away and owned
From ‘Stepford wife’ to ‘Stepford slut’
From scrubbing floors to sluttish whore
From fecal throat infection to gonorrhea of the eye

You are the male tyrannical gaze
I am object but invisible
I play out the reflection
Mirrored in your eyes
Exhausted, weeping
Impossible airbrush
I’m saying “fuck me” over and over again
From every magazine
Every billboard
I am For Sale
Seducing you through the
Dark, hard lens of a porn machine

You know not
How much you damage me
Violate me
Hurt me
Scarring my divinity
With brutality

No limits
Beyond boundaries
You are de-sensitised
Needing bigger and better
Hardcore highs
Whilst porn addiction is denied
I cry out the despair-void
I cannot contain the Lie
It makes me die inside
If I resist
I am a sadist
Prudish, castrating bitch
Now I’m a porn princess
Cheerleader, schoolgirl
The endless dodgy dull scenarios
Played out ad infinitum
Slowly killing off my soul
Creeping erosion as the
Porn conveyer belt cracks on

I say you are
Unaware misogynist, a slave to
Porno corporate cock
Distributing death instead of life
Humiliation instead of open celebration
From noble protector to furious rapist
The degenerate prince of sadistic romance
Unseeing, unknowing, unawake
An army of hatred
Pretending to be sweet
Crashing onto my shores
You violate, rape, abuse
Rows of girls you claim to adore
And empower
Objectified by your predatory sexual lens

But nothing is what it seems
Brutality and STDS endured
To maintain your sick mirage
Your carnal dream is my living nightmare
Of idealised and humiliated womanhood
Your childhood wound has
Sucked too long on the grey nipple
Drinking in the sinister forces
Of death, hatred, disease

You are cowardice
Spunking arrogance and
Imperialism onto
My feminine empire
My sacred self

You leave me no option
But to wage war

LINK TO VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGJLdkcHhi0


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