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[L.A. Weekly] Condoms are mandatory for porn production in California, an administrative law judge has ruled.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has been fighting for laws that explicitly require prophylactic use in adult film, last night called the ruling by a California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) judge a “landmark decision” that affirms “barrier protection” applies specifically to the porn business.

AHF spokesman Ged Kenslea told us that one of the most important aspects of the ruling is its affirmation that performers are indeed employees due protection under under workplace safety rules. The group has long argued that federal law prohibiting exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as sperm at the workplace applies to California’s adult performers.

The industry has said that porn stars are very part-time workers who paid per “scene” as independent contractors.

The ruling by Judge Mary Droyovage wrote that, without condoms, there is “substantial probability that employees would suffer serious exposure resulting in serious physical harm or death if violation occurred.”

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