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Please check out our new video! We interview an ex porn performer and expose the harsh truth about abuse in porn!

WARNING! Very graphic and disturbing content!

Shocking Cruelty in Porn Exposed – Ex Porn Star Danny Austin Interview with AntiPornography.org


In this video we go behind-the-scenes of a “F*ck a Fan” porn shoot and orgy in a clip from the excellent UK documentary “Date My Porn Star.” We witness the heartless abuse of the women involved, and then we interview documentary participant Danny Austin. Danny briefly did porn himself and was a fan of porn — until he saw the truth of how fake and exploitative the industry really is.

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~~~ To learn more about the important issues raised in this video, please check out the many helpful references about pornography harms in the DESCRIPTION of this video at YouTube (see link above). The description also contains some informative references about our volunteer, ex porn performer Vanessa Belmond, who also appeared in the same documentary:


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