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NEW REPORT: Gail Dines of Stop Porn Culture on their UK conference this past weekend!

[Independent] — If you turn on the television, flick through a magazine or look at billboards, you will see that porn has now become a blueprint for how the media represents women’s bodies. Whether it be Katy Perry writhing around almost naked in a music video, or Miley Cyrus “twerking” with a man almost twice her age (who seems to have a “blurred” understanding of sex), the images that bombard us daily look much like soft-core porn did a few decades ago.

Today there is almost no soft-core porn on the internet, because most of it has migrated into pop culture. What we are left with is a porn industry that is now so hard-core that even some of the big-name porn producers and directors are amazed at how far they can go.

Feminists from six countries convened in London this weekend for a Stop Porn Culture conference that focused on how porn culture shapes our ideas about sexuality, relationships, masculinity, femininity and intimacy. Recognizing that porn images have now been seamlessly woven into our pop culture, thanks mainly to the internet, speakers addressed the multiple harms of bringing up a generation of girls and boys on misogynist images.

One of the key issues discussed at the conference was the way porn fans are becoming increasingly desensitised and are looking for more hard-core content. According to porn director Mitchell Spinelli, fans are becoming “more demanding about wanting to see the more extreme stuff.”

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