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IMPORTANT GROUND-BREAKING ANTI-PORN CONFERENCE – May 16-17, Washington, DC area. Please share, and attend if you can! Thanks!

Presenter and feminist anti-pornography activist, Dr. Gail Dines explains, “This goal of this conference is to bring together the vast array of individuals and groups in the United States by developing a comprehensive, evidenced-based, and inclusive public health approach to the harms of pornography.”

From the summit website:

“Pornography use and sexual exploitation are complex social problems. When it comes down to resolving these important issues, we realize that to make real and lasting change, we need to work in unison toward a common goal.

As your organization (or individual efforts) works at doing what it does best, we invite you to be part of the national movement for change by helping us create realistic national goals. We also invite you to work in your respective fields to track and report the progress you see. This way, in addition to seeing what we’re improving, we can also determine how to refine our future efforts to be even more successful.”

Learn more and register at the website below!



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