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Here is a disturbing article that says although most women don’t watch porn, the majority of those who do don’t watch “female friendly” porn. (That shows equality and authentic female pleasure.) Apparently more porn-watching women prefer hardcore porn made for men than other porn.

“There is a real interesting phenomenon in women’s sexuality—not seen in men’s—and that is this divide between what erotica should be and what actually turns women on,” Ogas told AlterNet. “Studies show that what turns women on is different to what they wish turned them on or how they politically feel about it. There is a paradox in the brain that women have to wrestle with. Men like what they like sexually. But with women, we see political manifestos embedded in their sexuality, with just as much emphasis on whether or not we’re discriminating on any particular gender or race. Whereas, for a man that just doesn’t occur.”


Really? Do most women who watch porn really get turned on by porn that degrades and abuses women? Well, this could be possible, due to porn-culture saturation of young people, and desensitization over time, but still we have our doubts… What do you think? Do you believe that the conclusions in this article are correct? And what are the implications of more women watching more hardcore porn? Needless to say, we think that if this is true, it’s not a good thing!


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