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WOW. A woman is suing Facebook for 123 MILLION dollars because they were VERY slow to remove some revenge porn images posted by a former “friend.”

The legal document states that Ali is seeking “full justice for the significant trauma, extreme humiliation, extreme embarrassment, severe emotional disturbances, and severe mental and physical suffering … due to the unconscionable activities and gross failures of Defendant Adeel and Defendant Facebook.”

Additionally, Ali’s lawsuit claims “seeks to expose the frailties and failures of the falsely advertised, and false promoted privacy mechanisms” of Facebook, and the significant damages that can result from those failings, that she further alleges “Facebook’s upper management, officers, directors and key employees have long known about and essentially concealed.”

Check out the full story below for more details. It’s very interesting. And very relevant to anyone who uses Facebook!


So what does everyone think? Do you think the woman suing should be awarded the full amount? If not, how much should she get? And if Facebook loses this lawsuit, do you think they will change their ways and take quicker action in revenge porn cases in the future?? Please share your thoughts. Thanks! 🙂


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