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Here’s some good info on revenge porn, which is something that can severely harm someone’s reputation, career and life in many ways!

    “No matter if you’re a celebrity or a regular person, these pictures and videos go viral,” Jacobs told Fox411. “These cyber postings can lead to real life physical attacks, your professional status being compromised as well as your relationship with friends and family suffering. It essentially ruined my life.”

    Carrie Goldberg, a New York attorney who litigates online sexual privacy invasions, explained the motivation for those who spread revenge porn.

    “Sociopathy is the motive for those who are straight up porn offenders. They cannot deal with rejection,” Goldberg said. “For hackers, it’s a different motivation. It’s not about harming the individual – the hackers are in competition with each other. They’re online hooligans.”



VIDEO interview from the article, with revenge porn expert Dr. Charlotte Laws:


VIDEO: Revenge porn expert Dr. Charlotte Laws shares how her daughter was a victim of revenge porn.


NOTE: She shares a lot of useful info, but we strongly disagree with her when she says that revenge porn has nothing to do with “regular porn” made by the porn industry. The misogynist culture that she describes that fuels revenge porn is in large part CREATED and PERPETUATED by the porn industry. See our previous post on this issue:


Here’s the info on the NBC producer mentioned in the above article, who posted a nonconsensual sex tape online at a porn site.


~ NOTE: We strongly believe that people should have the right to take nude photos of themselves if they want, and to keep them private, or share them selectively with whomever they wish. But we disagree with the article just above and DO think it’s best to discourage people from sexting — if they don’t want those images to end up online and be seen by millions of strangers and everyone they know. There’s just too high a risk of that happening and destroying their life, and of the perpetrator not being adequately punished, as tragic and totally wrong as that is.

So what do YOU think is best? Discourage sexting, or not?


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